Sunday, June 10, 2018

Share Sunday

I only have one link to share with you this week...I keep watching it...
it makes me cry with sadness at the harm humans do BUT also with joy at the animals tenacity
and with pure elated happiness for the mans kind heart & determination for one single little creature.

Please do check out
the powerful story of The Squirrel With No Arms,
I hope it makes your heart feel uplifted like it does for me XO Happy Sunday

P.S.  I'll be taking a social media break this coming week but I'll see you all again on the 18th.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Well we've had way too much sadness around here the past year with 3 losses in about 8 months,
it has truly been too hard on us but we've had one very good thing happen amidst all that...

Yuuji & Leisel have FINALLY decided they like each other & to bond.  It makes life just a bit easier.
They aren't a kissy huggy pair but they are happier, Yuuji is more active and Leisel is much calmer.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Vegan Food Friday - Beet Patties & Kale

Time for Food Friday because I LOVE food & being vegan and showing people that
us vegans 'don't starve' we get to enjoy all kinds of yumminess that's good for the earth, animals & us.
Anyhow, the one thing in our kitchen that we couldn't do without is our big stainless steel steamer (besides my espresso machine & my smoothie blender!)

Tonight for example we're having this...steamed kale with nutritional yeast (we L-O-V-E it)
with a store bought beet patties on the side (sorry I forget the brand at the moment)
With steamed buttery mashed potatoes with a topping of vegan sour cream...Quick & Yummy.
Enjoy if you give this food idea a try XO

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pishner Coming Along

Mr Pishner Toppingale is almost complete, the colored pencil part is atleast.  People always ask me how I come up with my character names but it's no secret & it's simple, they just pop into my head.

I have quite a few new pieces to show you all but my scanner is still dead & I haven't found
a decent replacement that I am happy spending my money on yet so bare with me!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thank Goodness For These Faces During Rough Spots

I am moving slowly this week from a monster migraine that attacked Friday afternoon &
didn't let me go until late Sunday afternoon, I can still feel the remnants...
Thanks goodness for the buns who bolster my spirits as I suffer with their beauty & preciousness.
It's still threatening to circle back around which is one reason I am moving slowly.
My routine is certainly not like most peoples and I still haven't learnt to fully accept that yet.

Whiles it's a waste of time to wish this pain away, it's never a waste of time to see all the silver linings which is that this pain I deal with offers my life magic too, it slows me down so that I can smell all the roses and it plays a large part in my colourful whimsical work, so whiles I can't ever ever say that
I like the pain, I can for sure I am in some strange Wonderland-ish way be thankful for it!
& I gotta say though, it's been great 'meeting' fellow head pain sufferers on Instagram.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gold Touches

I've been putting little gold highlights on a few original pieces...

whiles watching 'Once Upon A Time', the two activities seem to go hand in hand!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Snug Sunday

We hope that your feeling as snug as can be on this summer Sunday...

Be extra kind to your loved ones, fleshed, feathered & furry & even kinder to yourselves XO

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Few Weeks Back

This was a few weeks back, before Betty-Loo died...

We were just out doing our usual ice melting Spring explorations.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Food Friday - Miso Noodles With Vegan Egg

Okay you guys so the vegan eggs that you can buy right now don't actually taste like eggs
(which is okay with me because eggs always made me sick to my stomach
when I actually thought about what I was actually eating!)
and  let me be honest, on their own like as a scamble, they aren't great
BUT if you mix them with stuff or use them in cakes etc they do the job and do it quite well.
I don't think for vegans that it's all about taste's about an alternate for kinder choices
so if something doesn't taste like it's intended to, it's okay,
because I for one am still happy to have that kinder choice.

Anyhow, I am a noodle fiend...I could eat noodles 3 meals a day.
and this is a recent favorite, especially on those lazier cooking days.
We just use a package of those ready made noodles (a vegan one of course)
and keep in mind that just because they say 'beef' for example sometimes they are still vegan
BUT on the flip side sometimes they say 'veg' but still have fish or chicken, so check the ingredients.
We add in tofu and kale and sometimes mushrooms etc & lately we've been using the Vegan egg
replacer in one of those poaching microwave thingies and putting it on top.
Mixed with the yumminess of the miso noodles, it's really tasty...
don't get your hopes up but do give it a try, you might be happily surprised like me!
(and for happy gut flora, which I always need help with, a good side of fermented beets or kimchi).
Enjoy XO

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Just Us & Ice

Everything is lovely & summery & green now but here's another post from a few weeks back...

Us and the Spring melt with our new Canon D750 which is way to heavy but super awesome!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sweet Tee

The picture I am doing for myself to keep of my beautiful late Teela is coming along nicely...

I think I'll be able to get this one & the watercolor version done this week which is exciting.