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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Teela In The Garden Watercolour

 I finally finished the watercolour version of

"Teela In The Garden"

I am not sure if I'll be putting her on products or listing it for sale yet etc...

We face another surgery, a 4th resection next week, bear with me in my blog absences!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

CP Treasures

The book I am in is ready to ship out you guys.

I saw an advanced copy and holy smokes my fellow coloured pencil artists in this book are amazing,

I am quite humbled to be among them as my whimsical style and palette stick out quite abit

as it's mostly high realism work but I am in seriously talented company, wow.

I can't wait to get my copy and am still so over the moon that my work was selected.

Get your copy from Amazon today 

Just Click Right Here to buy your copy today....Enjoy!

And Thank you for the inclusion Ann Kullberg...YAYYYY.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Hay In A Micro-Sanctuary

When the pandemic hit, our hay supplier was completely honest with us
and told us that he was having a hard time keeping up with his customers hay demands
and was also concerned with what was going to happen with the supply chain later on...
We appreciated that info, as the buns can go a spell without veggies & pellets etc
but they must have hay every single day, period.
So this is what $600 of top quality hay looks like!
We spend about $1400 at least on hay alone a year for 9 buns because we also supplement
this main kind here with other smaller bags of botanical, oat, alfalfa etc to liven up their options.

With 9 rabbits we go through 50 pounds of hay easily in about a month, sometimes more.
So we wanted at least a 6 month supply and
if any of our local bunny friends needed any we were able to share a little too.
We ordered only 2 boxes at a time about 2 weeks apart in consideration of the poor post carrier!
(Luckily our normal guy laughs and jokes with us when he brings these 50 pound boxes to the door).
We also got lucky in that the ladies at the store put bags of our usual Oxbow pellets aside for us too,
as apparently those flew off the shelves at the very beginning of this whole mess too.
We are staying on top of things, 6 month in, we still think there's going to another lock down!
It was scary at first, the ideal of not getting food for the babies and it was truthfully squirrely
for about 2 weeks at the beginning regarding fresh veg but we've managed...thankfully...phew!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Feather Song In My Society6

I hope you are taking the time to still send snail mail....
I think our mailboxes and hearts need it now more than ever!

You can get this design of mine in my Society6 shop
More designs and exciting goodies coming soon.

Friday, August 14, 2020


I've been missing jumping in the Jeep on a Saturday or Sunday, picking a festival within
reasonable driving distance and just seeing what we see along the way...

This was Lovefest in Dorset last season...no festivals this year because of Covid19!
I've said once & I'll keep saying it "Tofu has never caused a pandemic"!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2020


I am so sorry to have disappeared on you all.
I have no excuse other than life's busy-ness swept me away...
Life with cancer swept me away...
Life with 9 bunnies, many whom are special needs, swept me away...
Life with chronic illnesses & fighting them on top of everything else tuckered me out & kept me away.

I think too that I did't want to pretend things were okay & all chipper & perfect when they weren't.
People don't want to hear it from me because I am expected to always be the sunny one,
but I've been struggling big-time and I don't feel ashamed to admit that one bit.
If we all just shared our struggles maybe we could connect in a more real way than we all really are!
I won't promise to be back to posting full tilt but I do plan to try atleast.
Thank you to everyone and anyone still checking in here!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Back To Posting

Lydia and I wanted to let you know that we're back to Instagraming on our art account!
I think the last year just threw me for such a flip, big time, it's been alot on top of just life in general, there's been new rescues & losses, a new disease for me, cancer for my honey!!!
It's been alot to deal with & whiles I have been creating, I haven't been sharing it in my usual way.
I think I just needed space to be creative in a quiet solitary way in order to heal & re-calibrate.

I am still healing, still re-calibrating...big time!
Things aren't perfect but they never will be, things are still scary & I am still struggling
with my new diagnosis and with a new round of cancer treatment for my love starting next week.
But I am feeling the pull strongly to share again, so I am diving back into showing you what
we're up to in the studios and I really hope you'll continue to join me XOXO.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Beachy Royalty

Guys look at this...
my 'The Golden Monkey King" is now on beach goodies & doesn't he look sooo great?
You can now get him on beach towels, sling chairs, folding tables and more...

Check out these lovelies and a bunch of other cool goods in my new Society6 shop now.
I am adding new images soon & I can't wait to show you more...
Sign up to my 'Keep In Touch' e-news & stay tuned for more colourful whimsy coming your way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


The Jeep is our valiant steed during our Northern winters & crazy snow storms,
it's a cozy favorite spot to curl up together by the beach during rain storms.
And it's also the perfect totally neutral area to begin bunny bonding!

Lydia liked Mooshi right from the get-go but he was apparently still too hormonal last we tired, ugh!
They are very similar in age, temperament and like all of the same things, so I really hope that at
some point, when this heatwave is over, we can give it another try because they'd be a perfect pair.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vegan Awesomeness & Favourites

I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite plant-based/vegan products in case you were looking for something in helping you or/and loved ones adopt a kinder, healthier way of eating.

Our favorite go to 'milk' is Silk organic soy milk.
My absolute favorite coffee, now that I am off of caffeine, is Starbucks Decaf house blend
but it must be with my absolute favorite creamer, also from Silk, their almond vanilla flavored creamer...try it, you'll never crave 'real cream' again and it's so much better for you.

We recently, just in time for summer, discovered that Nestle makes a vegan drumstick
and as far as we can remember what the dairy ones taste like, these taste the same, super yummy.

One of my favorite plant based companies is Gardein (they are Canadian by the way whoot whoot)
I don't think I've disliked anything that they make.  They are on the pricey side for the amount you get but well that's unfortunately the culture of vegan food right now because it's not subsidized like dairy and meat products.  These pork-less bites are my honey's favorite,
they have a really nice spiciness to them with a ooey gooey sauce and very tender 'meat'
and I love the crab-less cakes, they are creamy and as far as I remember, taste quite a bit like crab.

Califia Farms makes these cold brew espressos that's just dreamy.
I admit, I had to add a bit of sugar because I like my coffee super sweet.
I can't have it now because I am off caffeine for my migraines & chronic pain but
if your a coffee drinker, love your summer time cold cafe treats, I highly recommend them.

(If you've never had salted dried broad beans, find them, they are delicious).
SoFresh's cold brew coffees are really tasty too, they just aren't as strong as the Califia
but when we can we stock up on SoFresh's oat milk, oat milk it one of my favorites,
it tastes so fresh and just so nourishing for the body.
Earth Island makes one of my favorite cheese, a provolone and a cheddar.
We are also huge fans of Sheese's cream cheese, it actually tastes like real cream cheese,
the slices not so much but  we love love love their feta too.
Vegannaise is my favorite mayo, especially the garlic one but nowadays even Walmart has vegan mayo and they are all wayyyy healthier for you than regular dairy mayo. 

Now back to Gardien...the beefless tips are one of my favorite treats.
They don't look like they do on the package but they are yummy all the same.
We like to just cook up a whole bag & eat it beside steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.
We  recently gave the Emborg cheese a try on pizza and it did a really good job.

SoDelicious has so many super delicious vegan ice creams available,
we try every single new flavor and we haven't been disappointed once.
However one of my favorite all time ice creams comes from Ben & Jerry's, it's their Cherry Garcia.
I am honestly not a fan of any of the Halo ice creams...not after the other ones.

I am always so surprised that even in our little Northern meats & potatoes town,
plant-based options are quite readily available, not so much in restaurants sadly but in grocery stores, there is usually an option for most things I find, sometimes you just have to search.
You can't get attached to anything unfortunately because it seems that most things plant-based
seem to come and go without rhyme or reason (except for your big companies like Tofurky or Daiya) BUT it's always fun trying new products anyway.

You don't need any of this stuff to go vegan, this is all just extra treats but if your looking for
substitutes to make kinder, better, smarter choices, these are all a really great place to start.
If you ever have any questions about going plant-based, don't hesitate to contact me,
I am more than happy to try to answer any questions, to encourage you & to cheer you on XO.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Promise Fullfilled

Finally our Peonies budded & bloomed...

Promise made...Promise fulfilled & then some.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Staying Home

We are so confused by some peoples flippant attitudes about Covid when this is happening 
(click here), sure this is in the US but the point is that this is how bad & scary it will get everywhere with things opening up, if we don't continue to be vigilant
and shelter at home as much as possible.
Almost half a million people worldwide have died so far & it's only going to get worse.
I admit, I am one of the ones hoping that the Ontario borders stay closed & closed tight and I
don't think that any kind of travel should be allowed period unless for medical emergencies.

Yes, I wanted to go to the Black Lives Matter marches so badly, but I just couldn't chance it.
Sure, I miss my people as much as the next person but not enough to put myself &
immediate family in danger of contracting this insanely efficient & smart virus!
It's frustrating to people like me who need to stay super safe because I live with a seriously immune-comprised individual...if my husband catches this thing, he's likely to die because he has so many other underlying issue, like chronic asthma, a low immune system & 2 lung clots!

I don't know about you but because I am able to stay home safe & sound, I am.
Everything we get is by contact-less pickup or delivery
and in both cases we wash everything that comes into the house like crazy.
And when we go out we always wear masks no matter how uncomfortable they are.
Masks should be made mandatory period...you don't wear one, off to jail you go....
I know that's an extreme view however this whole this is a very extreme situation!
People refusing to go without masks are putting everyone else being careful in danger.

I am hearing about teenagers actually having Covid parties where they know one of the kids is sick
and they sell tickets and whoever gets sick first & is diagnosed by a doctor wins the money pot!
How insane is that.
And people are always telling me how kids these days are so smart & a shining beacon of the future!!
Yeah right!!!  Hardly any of them are choosing to go vegan, so exactly how smart is the future!!!

I am truthfully finding it all disheartening & at the moment very hard to navigate...
In Northern Ontario our outbreak numbers are pretty good
BUT that doesn't make it any less scary for us, we've been through hell the past year
and I am finding a lot of people not understanding our hesitancy,
especially when they see everyone returning to normal activities and get together's etc...
you just don't know who is carrying this thing, that's the biggest problem, you can't trust anyone!
I don't like hurting people or being rude by declining visits & offers for dinner parties, barbecues, etc
but refusing everything right now is the only way we feel safe.

I hope your staying strong too out there & not letting anyone pressure you into being unsafe.
Good Luck XOXO

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Shipping During Covid19

So I have made the decision that as much as I LOVE packaging & shipping everything off
in a very timely manner, because of Covid19 & my partner being seriously immune-compromised
I will unfortunately only be braving/chancing the post office 1 day a month and that's it.
From my own website/IG/Blog etc, I will be shipping everything out
on the 15th of every month instead of my the usual weekly shipping.

To make up for it taking a little longer to get your purchases,
I will be including extra surprise treats in all of your orders, yayyy.
I know most of you understand and I am so appreciative of you & all of your orders,
each and everyone truly means so much to me and the buns.  Thank you XO.
(If you want, you can shop in my new Society6 shop & everything there is mailed out in 3-5 days).

Monday, June 29, 2020

Happy 1 Year Rescue-Versary Fizz

Today marks 1 whole year since we rescued our Barnaby Fizz from a local neglect case.

He sprung to life almost immediately once home & he's amazing, my soul-baby & inspiration forever.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Baby Fledgings

Well three little baby robins flew out of the nest in our front garden and I saw the Mama
feeding all three for a short time but lately I've been seeing only two around...

I think this is to date my most favorite bird photos that I've taken.  I LOVE our Nikon D750.
And I LOVE watching how hard the Mama robins have to work to feed & keep track of her babes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Cancer Bruised

The doctors words are still echoing in my ears & heart,
both from nine months ago when we were stunned still to hear
"well I am very glad we found this thing when we did because this is a monster, this kind is a killer.."
and also from just a few weeks ago when we heard back
from the pathology 3 weeks earlier than expected!
"I know we hit this thing hard & fast right from the start &
that you've been through hell but I am happy to tell you that it was worth it....".
Apparently if this doctor hadn't of found it when he did, Jonathan would not be here within the year.

We came so close to loosing each other.
First when he was in the critical care with two pulmonary embolisms
where his chance of surviving one was apparently something like 30%, let alone with 2 of them!
and than with the cancer...that's been hard for me to process and face the reality of.

We are beyond ecstatic with the recent good news but we are honestly feeling numb...
all of it, every single minute is going to take awhile to let go of.
I think we've had to steel our hearts so completely just to cope with everything we've been through.
It's going to take some work & time to soften back up.
A therapist friend told me that we have post traumatic stress syndrome
from everything we've gone through these past 9 months.

We are also not entirely out of the woods yet either so I think that's part of it,
there's still a 10% re-occurrence rate, yes, that's a low number but with this monster it's still scary. 

These last several months traversing life with cancer & it's countless hospital visits, surgeries, treatments, scopes & all the fucken waiting for results will age even the most robust of souls....
he's gotten greyer, my wrinkles have gotten wrinkles...he's lost weight, I've put on weight...
the exhaustion has been systematic to say the least and it's not like we get to be done.

We remain vigilant with scopes every three months for the next 2-5 years but
we're only considered out of the woods in another 10-15 years apparently with this kind of cancer.
And Covid19 is still a huge danger as the doctor explained that Jonathan basically has
no immune system right now and building it back from something like this takes a really long time.
The clots are still present also,
(there's been permanent damage to the vein walls & valve in his leg from the deep vein thrombosis)
and the 2 clots deep in his lungs on top of chronic asthma are a huge danger in regards to the virus.

I think the thing is that cancer changes you...let alone cancer during a worldwide pandemic,
it's changed me anyhow, I won't speak for my honey.
It's brought to light a lot of things I need to deal with, like seeing who was really there for us,
seeing who came to the hospital, who bothered to help us out when we were so insanely exhausted, who bothered to reach out & call & ask how things were going, who checked in with us & who just gave me a punch of the shoulder with something flippant like 'Oh don't worry about it, he'll be fine'.
All of it's battered & bruised my heart up quite a bit.
and it's like this great news is floating on the top of everything,
that's the only way I describe it, like it's not sunk in yet, almost like we don't fully trust it!
It will sink in because we are so relieved
but at the same time it's going to take time to trust life again!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Man In The Moon?

Were you one of those kids that believed in the man in the moon?

I think at one very short point when I was teeny weeny I did!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ahhh Hello Life

The front yard is feeling extra magical to me right now (besides the groundhog eating all our kale!)

 We have 3-4 wild ducks taking sanctuary under 3 different kinds of flowering lilacs...ahhh hello life.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Quaratine Made Easy

Quarantine continues to be pretty easy with these cuties and this flowered filled workspace...

We still aren't going into stores but we did quickly hit the garden center when it was dead empty.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Pothos Shelf

We made a new shelf for my studio and I love it...I wanted it in my studio doorway,
as a place to display my milk-glass collection
but also as a place to root pothos cuttings in the glassware
& it's a sweet spot to display some work too.

That's one of a million things I find fun about my hon-bun...he never says 'what another shelf?"
instead he says 'Sure, give me the dimensions and I'll see what wood I have".
I painted it white and used a really pretty pink metallic embossed wrapping paper on the backing.
I am so pleased with it. It's pretty & pink...just like the rest of my room.