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Monday, July 15, 2019

Pencil On Watercolour Paper

I really fell in love with using my beloved colored pencils on really textured watercolor paper.
I feel like the colors are so deep and I can layer like crazy, especially with the Prismacolor.
Sometimes I drag my heels on images because I am multi-passionate & can't decide on a medium.

 but now and then an image just scream on out
"I want to be done in watercolor...I want to be a lino cut...I want to be ink pen on board"
I love it when that happens and I try not to ignore the instinct.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Apricot Strudel Our Grumpy Gus

Korra-Soleil is such a beautiful dutch rabbit and such an easy rabbit too for the most part.
She wasn't always, she was pretty grump when we first adopted her but she's loving with us now.
I wish she got along with the others in the house though but she doesn't, she wants to fight everyone.

Someone commented recently that the way we live with rabbits is so interesting, seeing how some hate each other for no reason, seeing others fall in love etc ha ha.  I think I should be putting
"Relationship Manager" on my resume because some days I feel like all I do is referee rabbits!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Visit

It strikes me as kinda funny (and sad) that most of the time people assume that just because I have
chosen to not have children myself that I hate them or don't want to be around them!
Okay okay, truth be told, I do in fact find most kids annoying, selfish & irritating
BUT some kids I can enjoy, (at least for a short stint), especially my friends children.
Yet I find most people decide for me, that I don't want to be around kids, which is really unfortunate
because I think most who are super close with us will say that we're really good with kids.
The one person however who always includes me with her family is my oldest pal Lisa.
We have been friends since grade one, over 35 years now!

We don't get to see each other often, as she lives 4 hours away & I can't travel but whenever
she's in town she calls me and includes me in her family adventures which I so love & appreciate.
This was such a fun day spent all together at the same beach Lisa & I used to haunt as kids together.
It was so cool sitting with my dear pal, feeling that connection to the past but
watching the present making new memories there too, it was a very special day for me.
She always wanted kids, even as a kid herself, I never did, we always accepted that of each other.
I know Lisa visits my blog now and than & that when she sees this post she'll smile & show the boys.
So Lisa, a big hug being sent to you my Lisaburger via this blog of mine, love you forever XOXO.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Ink to Lino

Have I shown this ink drawing of mine to you guys yet?

I think it's going to be one super fun image to redo in linocut, I can't wait.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Baby Lydia

These are shots from Lydia's first week home.
We had to quarantine her in the bathroom for the first week before
the doctor said it was okay to let her near all the other buns.
She lived outside in awful conditions outside so we didn't know if she had mites etc.
So whiles stuck in the bathroom, we took turns sleeping with her, we wanted her to feel safe & loved.

The very first night she was home was rough.
It was an exhausting week, the stress of it all had knocked us down a couple pegs
and we just got home when a friend of ours called in a panic because their bun was very sick.
My sweet man ended up over at their house helping with their bun all night
as I took care of our newest little rescue Lydia on her first night in her new home.

It was thundering and storming that first night home
and I will never forget how she had tucked herself all comfy in my arms but
suddenly in her sleep, or maybe rather I should say in her nightmares, she screamed.
A sound to break any mama's heart I tell you, ugh.
I think she was still there in the dark dangerous scary night
where she would be completely exposed and drenched during any storm....
and it was a very rainy season!
Thankfully she's only done that twice more, both during storms.
It's our job is to wipe as many of those bad memories away & I think with Lydia we're succeeding.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

David F. Carlin

I have already shown you guys this painting we bought from Dave Carlin a couple years back.
I am still in love with it.  Every time I pass it I see something new.
Whiles I have a good collection of his lino cuts, it was on my bucket list to buy one of Dave's
large original paintings and this was the one I was waiting for.  I am so proud to have it in our home.

David is a Canadian artist who shows his work extensively & internationally, everyone who knows him loves and admires him and his work ethic.  He was my high school art teacher & now a dear friend & I am so excited that he finally finally has a website, so everyone check it out right here
to see one of Canada's awesome artistic talents yayyy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The All Clear

Awesome news you guys.
We took Flynn to the doctor this past week for a recheck on his ear

(I am posting these photos of him and Henrie because we all miss Hen so much)

and we have kicked that infections butt, whoot whoot.
The hole in the eardrum is a lot smaller too so it's possible that he'll get his hearing back afterall yayy.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Vegan For Laura

I've just been missing my beautiful gentle intelligent welcoming feathered soul.
I spent a lot of time out at a farm sanctuary last summer and made many friends and many lasting
memories, most revolving around this beautiful lady, my late photo bombing turkey friend Laura.

She was incredible, I miss her so much.  People have no ideal how social & smart turkeys are,
it's so so beyond sad to me that we humans eat them.  I wish everyone had a Laura in their lives
than they would feel magic and friendship and kinship and everything wonderful and amazing.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Favourite Black Bird

This is one of my favorite photographs of a black bird yet...

I am feeling really stoked to get some of these done as art pieces.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Studio Break

It's been a long heatwave...summers are just getting wetter and way hotter we find.
It's hard on the buns to be stuck inside so much, especially when they know it's summer out
but even if it wasn't too hot the mosquitoes are just too bad & now of course it's shad fly season!

I am just super duper grateful that we have AC now & can keep everyone cool and nice long
days inside in my studio (currently tidying & reorganizing) feeling cool as a cucumber
is feeling very nice too, the outdoor chores aren't going anywhere after all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Thrashers I Love You

Another shot of the brown thrasher in all his glory...

They seem to prefer the peanuts.  Their unique body language is great to watch.