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Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Winter

So on Sunday morning I hear Jonathan from my sleepy slumber say 'It's Snowing...' so at 7am my eyes pop open (because I love snow falling) and being half asleep I replied "Am I dreaming?...' But I woke up pretty fast when I remembered my newly sprouted plants, so I jumped outta bed and ran around the yard in my p.j.'s to drag all of the smaller pots into the snowed heavy on and off all day long that day, we think about 2 inches built up...can you imagine, snow in June!
But boy oh boy it sure did feel lovely and xmasy and deliciously cozy to crawl back into bed for another couple hours feeling embraced by that beautiful white stuff:D Like I always say, it's the little a snowfall in June!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fight Against Proposed Quarry

There is a lovely little place that we love to frequent called 'The Piebird Bed and Breakfast', it's a wonderful 100 year old home run by two wonderful people, Yan and Sherry in a wonderful and lovely little township called Nipissing...this township has had the blessing of a natural spring of living water located on the Nipissing Ridge. This water source is not only enjoyed by locals and people who come from further away to fill up pails and buckets but it is also a water source for many species of spawning fish and nesting eagles...this lovely water source is being threatened by a proposed quarry...I feel like I must add my voice to the fight to keep this beautiful water source as it is...and I voice that the quarry not go where it is proposed but somewhere else where it won't affect the water source, or the people and wildlife who rely on this water source...

So for any of your local readers out there, please visit this website for more info on how you can help

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yard Critters

I am stuck inside and can't work outside today because of a chilly and rainy day...and I am finding that I am missing my furry little yard cohorts...Jonathan jokes that we go through a small fortune every month in peanuts and seeds to feed everybody who frequents our yard...let's see currently there is; Rudy, Toot, Schmoot, Chapman, Twitter...and another baby red squirrel, black squirrel and chipmunk, 3 pigeons and 2 sterling black birds's a busy yard... though I am always hoping for the groundhog who took refuge under our front porch last year to come back...and maybe a few wild bunnies living safely in the back portion of the yard would be nice!... ha ha...
...Today I am just thinking that it's very 'cool' how I never feel lonely out there in the yard by myself, because I am far from alone...not with all those critters running around, not to mention the 4 furries running around and munching our gardens bare, who actually do live in the house with us...though sometimes the 'others' (yes indeed, I am a big 'Lost' fan, ha ha) think they should live inside! Just the other day I was laying on my belly on the floor with Hazel and Jinny, we were all just chillin together, when I suddenly feel something jump onto my calves, run up my thighs and jump and sit momentarily on my back! was Toot, one of the baby red squirrels, knowing me if it really did want to move in I'd make the appropriate accommodations!... Anyhow, I didn't want to leave everyone high and dry, as I know I am usually disappointed when I visit my usual blogs and they haven't been updated for days...I am very busy with new works, most stuff is admittedly NOT going smoothly, but luckily I have Jonathan to help me and constantly say ''s okay...' and a dad who pops over despite being exhausted to help with a chop saw that's gone all wonky just when frames are desperately needed...and a mom who gladly drives all the way over at the drop of a hat to drive us to Canadian Tire because in the middle of Jonathan changing the brake pads, a much needed socket wrench decided to break! It's been abit of a tiring week with more going array than as planned..
BUT until I am ready to unveil my latest projects, some new prints are coming up soon for the shop...and also I figured it was about time for a tour of my downstairs studio (the upstairs one is currently undergoing redecoration!...tune in soon for those posts...I am off into the chill and wet to mail a piece off to's so exciting to think someone WAYYY over 'there' wants my work:D YAHOO:D

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Paddle Project

The past few days, I've been slaving away on a project for a local gallery but also it's a project which will serve me well also because I've designed it so that I'll get a beautiful new art doll and jewelry display out of it as well. At this point I am not even sure if I'll get it done in time for the gallery portion of the project!'s been much more time consuming than anticipated and I refuse to give anything less than my best work...and I've been away so much that it was put on the back burner a few days too long so we shall see...
The project making my little fingers ache from coloured pencil nubs! involves this paddle...

...I've been working on it almost day and night with few breaks in the day I work here, out in the night I move everything into the house and listen to movies... afternoon snack of green mint tea and raspberries was called for today to give my fingers abit of a break..especially when my sharpeners are working against me, my pencils seem to be breaking more often than usual...but oh, how delicious are the prismas when they sit in the sun and get all warm and the waxy pigment soft... my co-workers, Ella Luna and Roo seem to like the current arrangement of working outside all day long, ha ha... I guess though I am working hard and multiple projects are not going as smoothly as I'd like!, I ultimately have nothing to complain about;D!
I just got back from Toronto for another 2 days for the 3rd time this's going to be nice to stay home for a few weeks and settle back into our routines, the rabbits defiantly concur with that! I'll share some new photos from our days in the city, as soon as I am done with the paddle, have the gallery set up more underway and have time to sort out the photographs...I took over 125!
Thanks for popping in.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Letting Go of the Excess...Life Is Good

I've decided to let go of all the stress I've been carrying around the past couple of weeks...I'll do what I can and be comfortable with that because it's all I can do...If I am abit behind schedule it's not the end of the world...I am going to let go of my worry and replace that with a positive outlook and approach...I'll do my best...and leave the rest up to fate...because ultimately in the grand scheme of things what's really sooo important to get so worked up over!? certainly not the purchasing of matts, the hanging of a show or new carving blocks not working as one expected!...taking these lovely photos the other night of my little family reminded me of all this...
...ahh the power of a simple photograph catching a precious moment in time... Wishing you all courage and strength to let go of the excess stresses and see what's most important and precious. Until Next Post...Be Well and Be Happy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pondering the Pain and Needing to Complain!

(one of my teeny weeny lino cuts in the living room upstairs, with a butterfly ceramic I painted years ago, which has by now been drafted to the outside gazebo)
I hate having to loose a whole evening of studio time because of a migraine that won't go away...aargh! But I knew as soon as my knee started to ache that a change in weather was fast approaching and sure enough a cold front has moved in, the barometric pressure has changed..yet again! and presto Mandy has a surprise! Though it feels like I started with a headache May 1st that hasn't gone away completely yet and it's starting to make me feel abit tired and irritated! I worked and worked today as much and as quickly as I could through the pain, knowing that soon I'd be forced to stop. But ya know despite the pain and feeling frustrated at being forced from my busy schedule, I did still manage to feel and warm and content in the simple beauties of the day such as; the pouring rain outside making the studio inside brighter and warmer; the jazz was streaming; a new nubbin/art doll was about to be born; bunnies upstairs were cozily dozing than getting up for yawns, stretches and snacks of cheerios, ha ha, (I think this was the best beauty of the day) ; and lastly I admit to being slightly giddy still about the new carving blocks purchased during our last city trip... but alas I had to succumb to the throbbing monster sitting steadfast in my head and headed to the bed for some pillow-y softness, some tv (we're watching a cool mini-series called 'Tin Man') and snuggles with Hazel and Jin, as we brought them on the bed to chill out with us...and yes poor Jonathan had a headache as well. I am feeling stressed, I know this isn't helping the headaches...I've been accepted into a gallery and artist's collective, which is suddenly feeling like a big commitment and which I am excited and nervous about all at the same time (more on this later)...I have a solo exhibition coming up in October, which I have grand plans of having 18 images for and the framing of these 18 images is what is stressing me out! I am signed up for two outdoor sales/shows and that's always alot to prepare for, one is in July, one is in August and I've never done outdoor ones before so the whole booth/display part is what's stressing me out here...and ya know, I am irritated because these damn migraines knock me off my game and schedule, but what can I do...C'est La Vie for me! March was a great month for no head pain, April was not great at all, and now May seems like an on going constant dull thud...Here's hoping that June will be better! Oh I try not to complain too much, everyone has their problems, but once in awhile I have to break down and complain and rant and say 'damn these migraines and headaches..' Thanks for listening all of you who've popped in for this post. Be Well...I am off to more bunny snuggles...which I am thinking is the best medicine for sore and tired heads...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Great Long Weekend

I think the Victoria Day long weekend was a lovely and successful one. Coming from Toronto all day Thursday and most of Friday, we still had 3 days off together and that felt great. It was full goodness such as...old movies like 'The Little Princess' with Shirley Temple...the excellent season finale of 'Lost'...Lots of sleeping in...Some reading, but not quite enough of that, but then is there ever enough time for that!...Lots of rabbit romping outside...Visits with family...Lots of sun and lots of rain...Drawing time...Good Food, as usual of course ha ha...Some garage cleaning in preparation for a busy few weeks ahead of frame making!...The planting of about 15 new trees!...and some was a good weekend...

Now I approach a busy busy week, I think the next couple will be abit too busy and I am honestly feeling abit anxious about a new venture I am about to embark upon (more news on that very soon!) but I am telling myself it's a 'step forward' or at least a step towards trying and that's the most important thing right! never be always keep trying regardless of the I enter this week with a positive attitude and trust in my decisions and hope that I am taking the right steps in trying! Wish me luck....and see you again here soon.

P.S. Thanks so much to the few new people who have been leaving comments for me, I can't tell you how giddy I get when a new positive comment appears, it's like a mini-xmas treat:D.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back From Toronto...Again

So I found myself having a blissful and enjoyable two days in Toronto last 2nd old stomping grounds...ahhh it's always fun to be back in Toronto...enjoying the pulse and pull of the people...the grumble of the traffic and the rumble of the streetcars and subways...I only wish I could have had the self comfort I possess now, for back then! C'est La Vie...

This trip was much more relaxed and calm, with only a few 'errands' to run upon arrival, so we found we had time to visit one of our favourite old places...when we lived there and were almost broke and only finding enough money for the essentials, we'd make our way to a park on the lake, by the yatch club...we get a bowl of soup, we'd enjoy the view, and we would try to adjust our small city souls to the big city's drum!...We happily found that the the view from our old spot was still as lovely and the day was beautifully blue and sunny...

...I sat for a spell mesmerized by the swans...I was delighted to see that they were still there after all the years and that their numbers were still plentiful...

...we continued on abit further to another of our favourite spots and it was also the same just perhaps alittle fuller with windswept trees...
The giant building overlooking the harbour and yacht club was still standing strong of course and it struck us as humorous that we used to long to live in a 'fancy' building such as this one...oh how dreams do change, ha ha...
...than Jonathan and I proceeded to the busy downtown core to surprise my best friend Judit at Koma, where she was putting in her monthly hours and where she sells her rugs... felt nice to have time just to hang out at the store with Judit, take in some sun on Koma's front steps and enjoy the sounds of the city... Jonathan and Judit conducted some business on their respective phones...
...I admired and basked in my best friends' talent...
....and as a massive motorcycle accident shut down the whole block we were in, we wished the accident victims wellness and luck and enjoyed the eery quietness that took over the street as streetcars and everything came at a standstill because well, the street was blocked by police, firetrucks and ambulance as the accident was investigated and secured...
...and even only away from home and the bunnies for a couple days...there were tale tell signs that they weren't far from our thoughts, ha ha....
...after Judit's chores at Koma ended, we meet up with her honey Ed and all four of us happily grabbed a table for a yummy vegetarian meal at Fresh on Queen...which was followed by a scrumptious most fantastic 2nd dinner (hobbit style) at 'La Brehandaise Creperie" an authentique creperie bretonne....ohhhhh it was sooooo nice and warm and cozy, filled with beautiful France/Paris accents, excellent music, warm colours, good company and cappuccinos...oh yeah and the incredibly decadent crepes!...Well, I could have basked in all of that goodness for quite some time...
...Alas, evening was growing long and deep and the boys had early morning we made our way back to Judit and Ed's, my home away from home and the air mattress was blown up, pj's were put on, teas and beers were drank and than we were drifting off to much needed sleep when...munch munch munch...a mouse in the walls decided to keep us up all night long, ha ha....
So quite tired and abit anxious to get home, the next day the boys went off to work, Judit and I got abit of work in ourselves in the morning before going on a tour of houses and an hour long walk around Bathhurst street...knowing the hour to depart was fast approaching, we made our way back home, enjoyed some delicious homemade soup...then we dug up of yarrow in Judit's apple tree filled backyard, for me to take back home and plant in our garden...
...and around noon with some reluctant goodbyes and adieus, Jonathan and I hopped in the rented Jeep and made our way back was an excellent 2 days in the city...but oh indeed it's always soooo nice to be back home too:D.
Until the next post, be well and be creative...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Penelope Posy Now Available As A Print

I just put this lovely little image of "Miss Penelope Posy" in my shop as an archival print and who could resist the very true and important message she carries "Carry Your Own Joy and Happiness Wherever You May Go In Life"... If your interested in purchasing a print please click here.

Miss Penelope Posy will be available to purchase as a greeting card as well very soon.

Thanks for taking the time to pop in and I hope Penelope has given you abit of joy and whimsy to carry throughout your day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Illustration "Spring Soul"

I am so content with this newest illustration of mine, which is funny because half way through I almost gave up on it! Now it's one of my favourite new illustrations in my studio...funny how things work out. It is done in coloured pencil on illustration board and the original measures 10" x 14", however I am hanging onto the original right now for an exciting new venture of mine...which I'll share soon.

You can however get beautiful archival prints of it here in my shop. Enjoy.

I also 'renewed' abunch of older images that had expired in The Shop...I hope those are enjoyed as well...I wasn't going to renew anything that didn't sell in the first round, but that's not exactly fair to my images...they deserve another shot to sell as prints I decided.

Until next time...Be Well and Happy Creating.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Just popping in on this sunny Mother's Day Sunday to wish my lovely mom a wonderful day...

Happy Mother's Day Mom...your the best and we love you ohhh sooo much,

XOXO M&J and all the bunnies too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Blog Now Is Now On "Delightful Blogs"

I am so happy that my blog has been accepted into the "Delightful Blogs" directory.

It would be so wonderful if some of you could click here and give my blog a's so simple and quick and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Lynda, you made my day.

What started off to be a slow week ended up being a very productive and busy one, actually I think the next couple of months will be quite full; with my trying to set up a new studio/work schedule with less time on the computer worked in, some exiting new things on the horizon, the introduction of my doll line soon to come, and many works just calling out to be made...and oh yes, 2 adorable baby squirrels which keep me glued to the yard lately & have inspired me towards new things, ha ha...things are indeed well and busy and exciting...until next week thanks for joining me. Be Well and Happy Creating.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend Photographs

This past weekend was a bit of a difficult one as I had a bad migraine starting on the Wednesday leading late into Friday night and turning to a bad headache most of Saturday and Sunday!...but despite that it was still lovely with a good art opening of a dear friend, some seed planting, some drawing and colouring, a lovely coffee date with my pal Maria with whom a new and exciting project has begun...and of course our weekend included lots of good food, as always...and my favourite of any day, lots of time outside with our furries...Jonathan took some spectacular are my favourites...
I think my ultimate favourite has to be the last one of just seem to capture her personality...she's the clumsiest rabbits we've ever had, and just constantly makes us laugh and when she does do something silly, she looks at us with this expression that Jon caught in the photo, it's a 'what did I do that's so funny..." type of expression, or maybe it's 'you didn't just see that did you?"...ha ha. You can also see how glossy and beautiful her fur is...oh our furry ones, how could I love thee's impossible:D
Wishing you all happiness and peace from my cozy and joyful little home to yours...Next post I'll have a new illustration and print for you all to see.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I am on Twitter!

Hi Everyone, hope you all had an excellent weekend. I am quite busy in the studio this week so I don't know how much I'll actually post, but I did want to pop on in to let you all know that I am now on Twitter.

I am still trying to come up with a fancier background however, with Jon's help, (Jonathan is not just my sweetie and bunny daddy but also my computer guy, my web designer, my system genius extraordinaire, my graphic designer if you will...anyhow...) ha ha according to him, I am being awfully fussy...what can I say, I know what I want and I just can't get it working on my own and I always do try and try and try on my own first, so I must digress and ask for help!

Also, I hope you like the blog 'refresh' that I did the other week...different font now in italics...some colour changes, a slight change to the wording of the banner since I realized I still love it and don't want to put a new one up quite yet...I edited my blogs sidebar in hopes of making it less cluttered but still getting all the info I want in there...there's a few things to tweak but I am happy.

Until the next post, be well, enjoy the spring and see you all soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thinking of Hobbs...

It was three years ago on this day that I found my precious Hobbs in our backyard...a bunny coming to us for a good home, to enhance our lives in so many ways, to be with his soul mate Noo (whom we had rescued from a farm just 2 weeks before). I am thinking of my Hobbs today and it didn't feel right to let today go by without mentioning him and remembering him... This was our Hobbs... instant best friend, a muse, a gentle spirit regardless of the physical hardships he went through prior to finding of the most joyful hearts and unique little souls I've ever of the best rabbit and furry friends anyone could ever ask for...we didn't have him long enough, less than a year...but forever wouldn't have been long enough I he's with our girl...his bonded mate, Noo...I miss them both terribly...I miss all of our furry babes who've had to leave us and continue on their journeys...but boy oh boy did Hobbs ever touch our lives in a very very special way and today, I just had to let the blogging world know that today I am extra full with wonderful memories, and a tender but smiling heart....
...Love you Hobbs...Miss you.