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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lovely Stars and Abit More

So as promised yesterday, let's get straight back to some studio business. I've been busy making more of my little hand-stitched felt stars. They will be released into the shop this week because I am finally getting some good shots of them.

Here's the newest batch...

And if any of you were wondering, after yesterday's post, what a bunny does the day after a day of dancing and leaping in the yard...well I just thought I'd show you...

They are pooped and cuddle up into balls or stretch right out in their fuzzy blankets, to rest up for the next day of frolicking, ha ha.

I've also been keeping busy painting alot of household things that just need some tlc or new life. So over the next few days I'll try to take some shots of those projects. I've also been quickly painting up new things, like this cute little table that Jon made...I just white washed it with a lovely minty green paint. It has dual purpose which I love, not only is it for putting my basil and plants on etc, but the bottom is left open and hollow for the bunnies to indulge in their burrow and 'hide n' sneak' instincts.

Well, another busy day is ahead of me so with another headache, I should get to it. I've been sketching up some new illustration ideals which I am excited about but which I can't share quite yet. Seriously, if there is something your planning or excited about, just try to not tell people about it, or at least not give away all the details...it really does seem to lend that thing or ideal even more thrill and excitement, for me anyhow.

To all of my lovely readers who are kind enough and sweet enough to take the time to leave comments, I so appreciate that and I am sending you all special hugs today. Be well, and until tomorrow...Happy Creating and Being.


Judit Gueth said...

I love the first picture of the stars!

shiborigirl said...

Hi Mandy,

Your picture of Worn-Out Bunny made me want to reach in and give his soft little cheeks a scritch. And then, when I saw how soft and warm he is, I felt the urge to stretch out and gather him in for a cuddle. Lucky YOU!

I do like your stars, and look forward to what comes out of your studio today.

Enjoy the day...