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Friday, February 27, 2009

Feed Your Creative Soul

As I grow as an artist and as a person. As I learn to protect my priorities and tender heart more fiercely. As I tackle the tricky landscape of creativity...one message keeps surfacing as being so crucial and important to ensure that the circle of life, art, and growth continues strongly and in support of one another... And that message is to Live, Love and Laugh but beyond all else feed your creative soul....feed your creative soul but beyond all else Live, Love and Laugh...a self-supporting circle, as important said forwards as backwards.

Yesterday my creative soul was fed by my parents sweet as pie puppy, whom I succumbed to spending the whole day with doing nothing but loving, snuggling and defiantly alot laughing. In the evening I tucked my forever crammed and zooming brain under my headphones and ran for a blissful hour on the treadmill...In whatever form filling up your creative well and special life may come in..may you always know that it's there for you every single day.

Until next week where I promise I'll have some new work to share with you. We've (and mostly Jonathan) has been working tirelessly on the new website and it's looking so great and I am getting so excited to show everyone but it'll be another couple of weeks yet. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tirelessly working on the webiste, but it is coming along nicely :-) Hopefully ready to launch in 2 weeks.