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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Feel So Grateful

This past weekend was a tiring one. Our little Beloved Northern abode is surrounded by many trees...for a city-limits house, it has ALOT of trees actually, which is one reason we bought this little place of ours. Well this past week we had a bad wind storm with winds up to 90km/h and long story short, it knocked down one of our precise trees...a 30-35 foot jack pine at least a foot in diameter, which went crashing down into our back neighbours yard, crashing onto their whirlpool and deck...Ugh! So most of our weekend was cleaning up that mess...but I was so impressed because regardless of that mini-disaster, we still found time for; a walk, movies, naps, dinner with friends, a batch of home made brownies, outings with the buns and most importantly, our strong and sturdy spirits remained intact despite seeing one of our beloved trees come to an end! Coming from that weekend into today and as I set forth on a new week I am feeling so full and grateful. I am grateful for my amazing and strong and sweet Jonathan. I am grateful for my mom. I am grateful for my dad, who without hesitation or notice always comes to help us out when we need it. I am grateful for our friends, who so lovingly engulf us with hugs and welcome us into their families. I am so grateful for the bunnies and the warmth and love and insight they provide. I am grateful for our cozy and warm house and my vortex of a studio/s.... I could go on...may you all be having a day filled with grace and gratitude as well. Be Well until tomorrow...Be Well. XO Mandy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That tree is about 18 inches at the 20' point where it broke off....man what a mess. Definately thanks to your papa for comeing over and playing lumberjack for us.