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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Bunny Diversion - Beanie At The Cottage

I am hopping in today with a new 'Bunny Diversion' video for you.

This is the rabbit who started our addiction to the long-earred.
Our Beanie...
We recently uncovered this old footage of him enjoying his outdoor 'cottage'
and my honey made it into a new Bunny Diversion video for me.

This little guy had quite the life, ha ha.
He was very well travelled, he went with us everywhere...
he probably had more miles under his belt than many people, ha ha.
He was super hyper and crazy and happy and never sick a day in his life.
He passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 8.
We miss him everyday and are so glad he graced our life.

I hope you enjoy watching our little spaz as much as we do.

XO Mandy and our angel up above, Beanster

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Lisa said...

Thanks for this Mandy. Made my day :)

Karen M said...

What a face! I can see why Beanie got you hooked on bunnies. He's quite a character.

bunnythreads said...

What a doll bunnie-I just want to reach out & hug him :0) Bless you


Anonymous said...

Well, this one as a bit hard to put together, since Bean was our first bun, but man, he loved his pen. Like when we got back from our East-coast road trip...I'm not sure he noticed we were gone because of 1) how well your mom took care of him, and 2) all the time he spent at his cottage!