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Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along

Sometimes I just feel like shouting out "Why can't everyone just get along..."

Bonding rabbits is not often an easy feat, it requires patience, alot of time & a few tricks as well.
Jinny & Roo aren't super fans of each other yet, Jin is a very territorial rabbit unfortunately.
Jaks and Roo were fast friends on the other hand.  Bonding two males is always easiest.
Jaks does a wonderful job of splitting his time between Jin & Roo...
it's so cute & I feel so proud of him. 
They do have their good days were all three of them get along swimmingly though,
especially on those rainy weekends where all 5 of us cuddle up in bed with a movie marathon.
It's so very lovely & nourishing to the heart to see them all cuddled up & kissy together.

We feel ready to go to the shelter and bring more babies home now....
but we're also not wanting to break up the current progress with Jin, Jaks & Roo.
Our bunnies don't go in cages, we don't believe in that within our little rabbity household
and the house is already mostly claimed by these three right now.
It's feeling like a tricky mix of just going for it & not wanting to upset the present equilibrium.
Who would think having a house full of bunnies could be so complicated, ha ha!

Well, it's the weekend, it's been a very busy few weeks and I must admit I am looking forward to nothing more then some of that sweet-bunnies-on-the-bed-with-movies time...ahhh it'll be good.

What are your weekend plans?


Natascha said...

Wish mine would get along. Gwenie just doesnt like other buns.

ladaisi said...

I so love this about you.

And reading about it, since I knew next to nothing about bunnies before finding your blog.

I can't wait until, someday, I have property of my own again and can have pets ....

val said...

I love bunnies but I am curious as to house training them. Do they go potty on the bed during movie marathons? I had a friend who had a kitty door for her bunny...each time nature called, Bunnykins would hop down the stairs and go outside to do her business! Are yours like that?

Unknown said...

Those silly bunnies...bonding is such a slow and sometimes impossible process. But we must keep trying :-)