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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A new little feathered friend wants to say Good Evening.
Everyone meet...
She can not stay for a long chat however because she's late for her afternoon beauty nap,
Then there is still linens to be brought in from the clothes line and well it is about to thunder and pour
and she must not forget her apple peach pie just about cooled to perfection on the windowsill...
she plans to serve it with rhubarb tea when her dear knitting club comes over later on this evening.
She is done in coloured pencil and acrylic paint on a wood canvas measuring only 5 x 7"
(the original is for sale just email me at mandysaile@bijouswhimsy.com if your interested)
Prints will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.
I finished her up today whiles my sweet girl Teela napped away in the grass
& a black bird kept swooping at my head.  I was not impressed!
The darn thing built her nest in one of the busiest section of our yard!
Despite that, it was a lovely afternoon
(minus apple peach pie & rhubarb tea unfortunately!)
until the nasty mosquitoes drove us back into the house.
Hope you all had a lovely day.  See you soon again.


Aline said...

Hello Mandy, did you manage to stay dry today? It was pourrrring when I had to leave the car to run into the yoga studio this morning. But I managed to keep the most important thing dry............my yoga mat! The remainder of the day was tolerable, but not for a migraine sufferer, sorry for that my Friend. This little lady is gorgeous and she's wearing the most beautiful outfit - colors & details are breathtaking. I wish I could borrow it, I have a wedding to attend soon. Take care xoxo

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful Mandy. Just beautiful.

Mandy Saile said...

Hi Aline...thanks for popping by as always. We'll catch up by email or perhaps another antique spree through town again soon:D XO.

Shell...thank you so much. She is sweet isn't she:D

Unknown said...

There is definitely a seriousness\intensity in her face.