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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Owlette Prints

I finally...FINALLY!  got around to listing the last 4 owls
in my "Owlette" series, as prints in my shop...
Once again, as all my prints, they are printed on 8 x 10" Stonehenge paper, with top quality inks
& easily slide into any 8x 10" frame or mat of your choosing.
They are such unique and quirky feathered fellows,
that would make a great addition to any wall or shelf
or wherever your owl loving heart would put them.
P.S. These owls of mine are of course vegetarians and friends of rabbits & smaller creatures!
Visit my shop for these new prints & the other 4 in the Owlette series.


Deb said...

Gorgeous artwork Mandy!
Your bunnies are adorable & I love their names. I had a black & white bunny as a teenager named Cinders ( white bunny with a little black smudge on his nose that resembled cinder dust) :-) he was adorable ♥
Beautiful blog ~ will stop by again ♥

Mandy Saile said...

Thanks Deb...do stop by again soon, we'd love it:D

Stephanie Amos said...

LOVE them! I'm hopping over to your shop!

Unknown said...

Everyone....buy an owl. The prints are great as are the originals.

ps, inside joke...Owls are asholes.