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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Everyone I'd like you to meet my newest little character...
This little brown rabbit has a really interested career.
Can you guess what it may be???
He is a singing minstrel.
(and no they aren't a thing from the past, not where he hails from anyhow!)
But not just any singing minstrel...He is a singing minstrel to horses.
That's right...his job is to travel from farm to farm
(right now he's mostly working around the Edinburgh area in the UK)
and he sings tales & happy songs to the hard-working horses on these farms.
It's his job to bolster the creatures up & remind them why they work so hard for humankind.
His voice has a magical quality to it you see and just one or two tales/songs
and the aches and pains, muscle & joint stiffness all but melt away...
and this enchanted healing lasts for a good long whiles too because all the hoofed clients
have to do is hum the song or remember the tale &
bing bam boo their worn bodies all healed up and soothed over again.
Can you believe too that, each and every tale or song this little guy sings is one of a kind.
And guess what...he does so for free.
He asks for not a single dime, just a soft warm bed of hay
and a good tasty stew of beans & carrots
before he travels onto the next farm in need.
He is quite sought after by many farmers all over the world.
Isn't that just one of the coolest jobs a rabbit could ever have?!
He is a sweet little fella made with coloured pencil on paper on an acrylic painted wood canvas.
He measure a precious little 5" x 7".
The original is ready for a new home & is ready to be shipped & hung.
Just email me at and we'll talk prices.
He's one of a kind so I think someone should snatch him up, Don't you?

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Deyfenn Slayd said...

Another great image, story pair.