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Friday, October 25, 2013

Flutter Jewel

I finally finished it up...finally!
and I am really happy with the end results.
The coloured pencil hummingbird was done ages ago
but it completely eluded me on how to finish the background...
I usually don't have such trouble like that.  I think because I was so in love with the bird,
I wanted the background to capture and showcase the essence of the birds character too....
...and I think I've achieved that.  I hope I did anyhow!
I think the line work and colours around the bird capture a warm spirit & an immense energy,
not just the incredible movement such a bird would have.
It's been titled  "Flutter Jewel"
(the Original is SOLD)
But Prints are in my shop.
Have an amazing weekend and I'll see you next week.


Lisa B said...

Beautiful!!! you can see the bird moving! and I love the colours. You always use such beautiful colours!

Miss You!

Jo Anne O. said...

I think that what you did to the background is just perfect as it added motion and flow!

brendathour said...

This is gorgeous!!!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Such movement in a static image. Amazing.