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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Solo Exhibition

I am booked for another gallery exhibition.
This will be my 4th solo show.
This time around it'll (hopefully) be all brand new works (if my head cooperates) and all figurative.
The message of this exhibition will again be along the same theme that I always try
to hit with my work...one of connection & kindness to animals & to our own tender hearts.
I am excited.
I am excited because I know that when I have a gallery show coming up,
I'll be pushing myself to do the more conceptual pieces that I really enjoy making the most.

My last show was 'Birds of a Feather' and it was a cool showing BUT
When I think on a year of work where I was really super crazy in love with what I was making,
it wasn't for that exhibition but for my solo exhibition a few years back in 2009
called 'A Woman's Work' (click here to see the archive site).

I want to capture that feeling of utter pride & excitement with my work again this time around.
Exhibition work just tends to be a time when I make the pictures where my story-telling &
messages can flourish and grow in more depth and with more room.

Sometimes blogging can be passive-aggressive, ha ha
because it over time quietly captures me into this tight cycle of doing smaller, quicker works
for the sake of making sure I am continually showing you all new pieces!
I always try to do a fair balance of new artwork, life sweetness's & rabbit goodness...
I am not at all saying that I am not in love with what I've been making & showing you, not at all,
It's just time to do some more conceptual figurative pieces that tend to take a tad longer to make,
and I've been feeling that need for a shift in artwork...which is why I jumped on the offer to exhibit.
But whiles I will not let this show be all consuming like my last exhibition was!
I will allow myself to work on what I need to work on so I can feel awesome about what I am showing....and my dear little blog will just have to follow suit!
because the images I have in mind for it are pieces that must be made even if I wasn't having a show.
They've been tugging on my creative heart for a long while now,
begging to make an appearance outside of my sketchbook! 
So in order to bring them to life, I'll succumb to the fact that perhaps
I'll be showing you more 'works in progress' more often.
But you all won't mind that will you?!!
You all seem to like it when I show you
the beginning & middle parts of pictures and not just the end results? 
So my show is next year.
The public run is slated for April 26 to May 16 of 2014
at the WKP Kennedy Gallery in my small city of North Bay.

and I am sending out a giant wish to the universe...
I want this show to travel to other galleries far beyond my little town.
I want to use this exhibition to push myself further
to exhibit and get into galleries I've never shown in before.  To reach new audiences.

I don't quite know how to do it, even with my gallery history/background BUT I'll figure it out!!!

SO, if you are a gallery director or you know one, or you think my work would suit a
cool gallery in your part of the world, send me a message & lets chat!


stephanie amos said...

Congratulations Mandy! I'm so excited for you!!! and I can hardly wait to see the beginnings, the middles, and the final pieces! ox

nanc said...

Very happy for you sweety! I love sneaking peaks at your creative process...

Snap said...

Congratulations! Exciting times for you. I'm going to enjoy watching the progress.

Judit Gueth said...

Congrats again for booking the show! It's always exciting to push yourself towards a big goal like that! Hope you create lots of new work and impress many gallery owners!

Deyfenn Slayd said...