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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time To Get Hungry

Okay blogging peeps, it's time to make you hungry, ha ha.
And to show you more of the scrumptious meals we veg-heads make in our little abode...
Such as...
Avocado smooshed on toast with lentil soup on the side.

A green salad with kalamata olives and homemade pasta sauce with tons of mushrooms & carrots.

Spaghetti with a fresh tomato onion sauce with a side of asparagus.
Tomato, avocado & sunflower sesame balsamic salad with some side noodles in a 'beef' broth.
Tofu fried with fresh tomatoes and carrots and loads and loads of garlic.

A healthy high protein high fiber cereal with a side of banana and a couple of fresh peaches.
Noodles with shredded carrot and cabbage and mushrooms and garlic.

B-b-cued 'chicken' with grilled naan & a veggie blend cooked in tinfoil with olive oil & seasoning.
One of our comfort splurges, homemade Mac 'n Cheese with a big bowl of sautéed mushrooms.
Salad drowning in cashews, sunflower seeds, kidney beans & chickpeas with an olive oil dressing.
Grilled 'riblets' with sides of asparagus, brown rice & onion and oyster mushrooms.
A favorite, zucchini with salsa, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion & garlic over pasta covered in cheese.
Made by my mom. Leek soup with potato dumplings & homemade poppy seed/cheese bread.
One of my specialties, homemade 'Meat-Pie'....made with soy burger, carrots, corn, potatoes.
Asian noodles with cabbage and a side of tofu with sunflowers seeds in a sweet & sour sauce.
Grocery shopping is always a pleasure for us.
Firstly because we can afford good food, we're always grateful for that.
2nd because well healthy food is just a really beautiful thing.
So tell me.
Did I make you hungry???
If your a meat-eater, try going completely veg just 1 or 2 nights a week...
as you can see it's SO easy and also SO very satisfying & YUMMY.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hungry indeed! I'll be right up to join you for dinner! :)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Do you need meat to eat well? Hell no, not even remotely.

I always roll my eyes when people say "I could never give up x". So lazy.

Life's about change, adaptation, evolution and enlightenment.