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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2013 Book Pile

It's that time of the year...
a glance at my book pile for 2013.
The pile is sadly a smidge anemic.  (Last years book pile was much better, in volume & likes).
You see, I had gotten myself a subscription to 'MacLean's' and most of my morning reading time
went to keeping up with those magazines, which I didn't really enjoy...
so this year I am back to my usual reading.
I absolutely loved only two novels this year...these two.
These four I liked a lot...

These 7 were just okay for me...

and this one I despised, a completely horribly depressing story.
I actually burnt the book instead of paying the vicious story forward!
Definitely a time when I cursed my solid rule of
'If you spend your money on it, you have to finish it, no matter what'!

So there you have it, my 2013 pile of books.
How was your year for reading?  Do you have a reading routine or yearly book goal??
What were your favorite books???

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

That is a lot of reading. You are a machine!