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Thursday, March 27, 2014


a new little 5 x 7" coloured pencil/mixed media character
Wolowitcz is a complicated little dude but he focuses his energies his 3 biggest loves.
1) being an advocate for birds and battling against the illegal capturing & caging of tropical birds.
(Though he dreams nightly of the universal freedom of all birds).
2) he teaches lock picking!
That's right...he tries to communicate with caged birds and secretly
shows them how to pick the locks on their cages so that they can be free.
(the whole 'teach a fisherman to fish & he eats for a lifetime' type of scenario)
He doesn't charge anything for this at all, his only rule is that the bird he teaches &
helps to be free must move on to teach some other bird the same skills.
(His great aunt left him a very hefty endowment, allowing him his life of  bird philanthropy).
3) he is quite addicted to making rice wine.
Now to be clear, he only drinks 3 or 4 glasses a week himself
but he just loves to bottle his special mixtures up, hand draw one of a kind unique labels
for each bottle and than give them away to his beloved friends and family...
and of course a bottle is uncorked every time one of his lock picking students
does indeed secure their own freedom.
Wouldn't he be an interesting little dude to meet and share a glass of rice wine with?  ha ha.

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

A very distinguished fellow I would say.