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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coloured Pencil Student Feature

I was recently asked to write an article for Coloured Pencil Student.
I was asked to talk about how we adopted our rabbits from the shelter,
how they inspire me and the artwork that I do
and the editor also asked me to put in abit of an advocacy slant to help educate people,
since so many rabbits are purchased as Easter presents...which we don't want to see.
I mean to talk about my art, my rabbits &
to be able to educate a little on buns...what more can I ask for!
I just received the digital looks great.
 I am beyond pleased & so happy with all the images the editors chose to use.
Click right here if your interested in getting a printed copy or digital version.
I can't wait to get the actual magazine and hold the issue & article in my hands. YAY!
This is a really great thing...So happy.


deb said...

congratulations mandy!
such a wonderful opportunity to show your amazing art and story!
thank you for sharing the pages ♥

Aline said...

Congratulation Mandy, it looks great! You must be thrilled and who knows what doors this opportunity may open for you..... Good job my friend!

Judit Gueth said...

Congratulations! It's an amazing article! :-)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

CONGRADULATIONS!! You deserve to be in tons of publications.