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Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Weekend Wishes With A Fluffy Bun

Here's another new ink drawing....
I have to say, I really love this one.
Wouldn't you just wanna give this fluffy monster the biggest snuggle!
I am trying to decide in what format to offer these drawings in...5 x 7" prints, art cards, on mugs..?
Anyhow...I am working on more of these ink doodles today...
it's feeling good to sit & relax with my ink pens.
In between drawing, the day is also seeming to call for;
snuggling of rabbits, the drinking of green tea, the munching of ramen noodles,
some catching up on 'Grimm' whilst drawing,
playing plants vs zombies (which I am currently addicted to)
 and you know what, I just may take a nap later on this afternoon...just cause I can!!!
Wishing you all a great weekend and see you next week, I have much to show you.  XO


Michele T said...

Beautiful!!! This is my new favorite!!

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Flash backs to our first little bun "Beanie".