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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outside With Buns

Tis the season where your likely to find me outside with the buns ALOT!
I love being outside with happy rabbits frolicking around me,
it's truly one of my happiest places on earth!
I don't get nearly as much work done in the summers as I do in the fall/winters...but that's okay...
...learning to embrace the ebb and flow of an artists life is part of living that life well!
and for me, taking rabbits outside to play is just as important to my soul as making pictures.

We're in the middle of the chaos of yard construction right now because we're completely re-doing
our 'main gazebo' (which you saw last year when the rabbits gave you a yard tour)
I am trying to keep my cool...
sometimes it's hard for me because I don't do chaos in my physical environment very well!

A gazebo may sound like a very indulgent thing but for me it's necessary,
I don't do summer heat & sun as well as most &
it's pretty crucial for me to stay out of the sun when the migraines strike, like today!
I get so nervous, having the house buns outside, there's so much out there that can hurt them.
But we've always let our buns outside because they've always loved it SO insanely much.
So here's wishing for a safe, happy
and uneventful summer season!
Hope your off to a wonderful week & are enjoying this beautiful day.
See you later in the week for another new illustration which I am SO proud of
and a post on my exhibition which recently wrapped up.


susanne fyfe said...

sweet sweet buns. I love Yuuji's mane :)

deb said...

such beautiful photos of your sweet bunnies enjoying the garden.
I'm with you on the summer heat ...definitely a fall & winter girl & a gazebo is a summer project in the works here too :-)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

With the increasing temperatures here in the North, and increasing UV levels, a gazebo is not indulgent at all... Plus, the rabbits love to hang out in there also, so it's for all of us.