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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inspiration: Part 2

It's no secret that most of the inspiration for my artwork and different creations
comes from nature and it's fauna...
I am constantly humbled by it all.
I am constantly being completely amazed.

I am constantly falling in love with animals, like I am talking, heads over heels type of stuff.
I am one of those uber sensitive souls who can be completely crushed when I see an animal hurt,
or be very easily moved to a flood of tears by how beautiful a creature is.

I'll never get to see it all in person, all of the gorgeousness out there, that's one of my sadness's...
but just knowing that it's all out there is enough
and it's one of the biggest things that moves me to create.
It's also the reason why I try to live a kind life...
being a vegetarian, buying cruelty-free &
adopting from shelters instead of buying animals is part of it all in my mind.
For example, this little green jeweled hummingbird visits us every summer
(it's here again this season, thankfully, even though the two trees it loves most died this past winter)
This bird was the inspiration behind one of my latest favourite pieces  'Flutter Jewel'.

Sometimes it's a beauty I experience firsthand, right smack dab in front of my own eyes,
other times, it's a picture in a book or an image on the doesn't matter really,
for me, the beauty, brilliance and inspiration of these animals shines on through no matter the venue.

Sometimes I think I could very possibly toss my coloured pencils aside & roam the world to photograph animals & insects and all the amazing fauna of this world...another life perhaps!

Nature & Animals will forever be a driving force of awe inspiring inspiration for me & all that I do.

What's inspiring you today?


deb said...

such a beautiful post & I {fellow vegetarian} feel exactly the same way as you. your photos of sweet hummer are stunning! I hope each summer to get a photo, but still no luck. we've had 2 hummer sightings so far in our garden at the hanging geranium basket by the kitchen window. normally when the trumpet vine bloom along our fence we see more. happy Wednesday ♥

stephanie amos said...

Beautiful Mandy. I'm a lot like you. Nature and animals are a big inspiration, but I also get fueled by visiting museums and galleries. It's like walking into a candy store for a little one. ;)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

You inspire me foo-foo. The way you see the different then me :-)

Misty said...

You are inspiring me. :)