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Thursday, September 11, 2014


There is something in the air today isn't there.
Something that makes you want to hold your loved ones closer.
Something that makes you want to gather all those dear to you.
Something that makes the house cozy but stiller...the need to feel sheltered is stronger.
I can't believe 9/11 was 13 years ago already.
It all still feels raw and incomprehensible doesn't it.
I can't think on it and not well up.
I don't personally know anyone who was there or directly affected
but every year on this day, it hits me, the tragedy, the shock, the terror.
The fact is that the whole world was affected.
I remember the day.
I had the day off from the bookstore I was then working at.
I was at my parents house with my mom, Jonathan and my dad were at work.
I was working on a drawing or a painting.
My mom & I were just commenting on how there was a lot more planes flying overhead than normal
When my honey called from the office and said
'Did you see what's going on, turn on the tv' we did.
We spent the next couple hours watching the news coverage...speechless, afraid & stunned.
Air traffic was being diverted & grounded, that's why our little airport was suddenly busy.
I had this immense need to have Jonathan home, next to me.
I called him and asked him to leave work early, to get home now...he did.
So today, I light a candle for all those lost & affected by 9/11.
I feel extra extra grateful that I am here...that my family is here safe & sound.
I light a candle for all of us, for the whole world really.
I make a wish that we never forget...
never forget to be kind & to love & to go above and beyond common courtesy & decency
because the world since then is a bit more tender & in need of light & gentleness, isn't it.

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