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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Henna & Headache

Oh boy did I ever have a monster migraine this past weekend
which left me feeling up to getting very little done unfortunately.
I only ventured out for 2 specific purposes, to get a blast of cold Northern air on my pounding dizzy head and to get a dose of Starbucks yummy goodness in the form of a caramel crème brule soy latte!
But I did manage to break out my henna supplies...
after attacking Jonathan's arm, I had a bit of fun on my own hand and wrist...
I mean if I had to sit still with a headache, I matter as well sit still waiting for henna to dry, ha ha!
What can I say, I am slightly addicted!


Joy said...

Oh that looks amazing! Mine never looks that good. I just discovered your blog - lovely place... and cute bunnies! :)

Judit Gueth said...

Looks beautiful! :-)

deb said...

your creativity is awe inspiring!!

feel better ♥

Lisa b said...

So beautiful. Love it!