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Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Things

Let's do something a little different which I've not done in a really long while.

Let's do a "10 things you may not know about me" post...
1.  Before I knew I wanted to be an fulltime artist, I once upon a time wanted to be a stewardess, than a veterinarian and that was followed by a dream to work for snow/water search  & rescue.

2.  I've taken in and taken care of rabbits for over 20 years now...that's over 7 thousand 300 days of
snuggling, nurturing, diligence, worrying, pampering, doting, slaving over, loving, mothering, etc...

3.  I listen to a mix of Spotify streams, RadioTunes 'Datempo' stream & Jazz.fm 91.1 most of the day

4.  I don't always feel like making art everyday.  And I definitely do not usually like to admit that!

5.  I have my dream vehicle.  A Jeep.

6.  Every single time I see a star I wish for 3 things almost exclusively...
to have a very long healthy life with my love and to see the end of animal testing & the seal-hunt.

7.  I dream of staying in Bali & melding into an artist community there for a nice long spell someday.

8.  I dream of spending a short spell by the waterside in Austria someday.

9.  I dream of seeing England via a leisurely meandering train trip someday.

10. I have no idea how I'll do #7, 8 & 9 when I also dream of always having a house full of rabbits!!!

Now you?....do a list of 10 things on your blogs and leave the links below in the comments section.
(P.S Thanks to my friend Deb who did a '10 things' post over on her blog, yayyy:D)


Natascha said...

Okay I will give your challenge A try, I have to think of my 10 things. :)

Anonymous said...

With you for sure on #5 :-)

deb said...

Loved reading your list!
Thanks for the little nudge ... I've added my list on the blog ♥

Mandy Saile said...

I love your list Deb:D thanks for doing one XO

Natascha, I bet when you start, you'll have 30 or 40 things to list, enough for a few posts just like it:D Good luck.