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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lionhead Snow Play & Snarls

Emmett hasn't been an easy rabbit.
He hides, he growls, he bites & scratches and fights with the other buns...our poor little babe.
We've actually talked about changing his name from Emmett (Min-Min) to Oscar the Grouch, ha ha!
But we always remember that he's had really rough beginnings...he's extremely untrusting.
Though, he's very well behaved when it comes to using his potties, not chewing, etc.

But atleast for some small portion of each day, we see him mellow and trust a teeny tiny bit more.
He allows us to rest our heads against his for a few minutes at a time for a lovely warm snuggle.
He'll climbs all over our backs and legs (he just seems extrememly afraid of hands).
And he popcorns out of the blue, usually in the evenings
....when he popcorns we know we're doing a good job...and that feels SO good.

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