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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loving a Wayward Change of Plans

When I was younger I always had visions of a home.
A house made awesome alongside my love.
I also simultaneously dreamed of travelling the world, always coming back to said cozy abode.
I love how plans change for the better when we aren't even looking.

I love that this life right now and this little home we've made together is so cozy, so complete,
that we barely want to leave it!  Especially since we've filled it to the brim with bunnies!!
Sure the dream to travel is still present
but somehow it's not half as pressing, as important or even in some strange way quite so desirable.
Because somehow in the beautiful crazy way that life works,
bundling up and shoveling a driveway whilst buns whip around snowy pathways
and then all going back inside chilly and ready for hot cocoa's and a crackling fire...
just being in the sweet shelter that we've all built together...
can in some bizarre lovely way feel just as delicious &
soul-warming as a trip to any tropical place!
I just LOVE that, so so very very much...don't you?

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Judit Gueth said...

Nice picture of Jon!