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Monday, February 2, 2015

News From The Whimsical Warren

Hey everyone.
Life is busy as ever...
but we all need doses of whimsy & colour, if not often than at least now and than, I hope you'd agree!
My Studio e-news may perhaps be the answer to your joy & whimsy needs!
As you can see, it's always colourful, playful, full of awesome bunnies & art and most importantly, because your all so busy, it's always quite short & sweet for speedy reading...
like a monthly chewable vitamin C
Perfect right? 
It is if you don't wanna miss a beat of what the buns & I are up to in the studio...
which is pretty much always joyful and whimsical and therefore a dose of happiness...we hope!
You see the spot of the sidebar where you can sign up???
We hope you'll click there now, if your not already receiving our monthly news.
(January's issue went out a smidge late due to my wrestling matches with *+#@*$ printers all week!)

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