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Friday, March 13, 2015

Glitter Bugs For Jaks

So a few weeks ago we found a large lump on Jaks's tummy.
I didn't mention it here on the blog yet because it's was just stressing me out too much
and usually when something is freaking me out,
I need to take my own time to quietly process it and deal with it all in my own way.
On our doctors opinion and after many sleepless nights,
we've decided to go ahead with the surgery to remove the large lump
and to have it biopsied so we know if we're dealing with cancer or not.
So I've been spending alot of time in the upstairs studio,
which as you know, I share with Jaks,
just to be near my sweet spotted prince.
It's my routine whenever something is up with one of the buns.
It's my way I guess to deal with the scare and stress of it all....
to constantly be around, more than normal, offering an increased love dosage!

So as my spotted prince naps away,
I've been working on these bugs to cheer myself up.
I am calling them "Glitter Bugs".
They are all miniature.  A teeny tiny 2 x 2" and smaller and will be little mixed media gems.
I am going to finish up these first few this weekend.

Jaks surgery is going to be $600
and I thought maybe...
just maybe these little bugs can help pay for the cost of the surgery?!?

So starting next week, I'll start listing the originals...
they'll go for a great price of $20-$30 only. 
Each one unique & original.
They'll be filled with bunny mojo, they will be full of glitter...I think they are going to be really fun.
So hop in next week to see the first few all finished up and snatch up any that you love.
See ya all next week XO.


Snap said...

Wishing you and Jax well......

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sending light, love and prayers that you sell all the bugs and Jaks recovers very quickly. You know I can relate to the stress of all of this. Hugs to you all.