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Friday, March 27, 2015

Naughty Monkeys & Mouthy Nargles

It always strikes me as awesome....how different every single rabbit is.
And how they misbehave in different ways too!
Because we have been SO preoccupied with Jaks and Frenwyck the last while
we've also had some naughty monkeys to contend with....
Flynn gets naughty and gets into things he normally doesn't.
He'll toss anything around that his little mouth can manage to lift & throw!

Henrie & Elsie get rather indignant and stand-off-ish and really make you grovel for snuggles.
(and apparently chewing a big hole in my favorite studio carpet
was a bit of their special brand of payback for this week!)
 Teela does the same thing, gets SUPER indignant, grumpy, turns her back to you,
pees where she shouldn't abit more than normal!
she even gets a bit nippy and will not hold back stomps & harrumphs.
As you can see from her very grumpy face, it's not hard to tell when she's unhappy with you!
It's interesting to see how the buns not being lavished with attention starts to behave differently.
The only one who is seeming to not be upset with us at the moment is 
Yuuji our forever easy-going-happy-carefree little babe and the sweetie pie Min-Min.
I gotta say that seeing how unhappy most of them get
with a small change in their schedule and life
makes me feel every so very very lucky and happy
that I am able to be their stay-at-home-bun mama!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Love the updates on your little furry ones. Hope things are gettting back to normal, with health improvements and happier attitudes!
- Ellie in Colorado

Lisa B said...

Love all the picture :D