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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When It Rains It Pours

There's something in the air this week, my goodness!
All I know is that we've been having a hell of a few days,
so has some of my family and a handful of friends including my best friend
who is as I type this just begun a long journey to see her ailing mom back home.
Here's what's been happening in a nutshell with us...
Jaks's had a lumpectomy last Friday...
since than we've been watching him with vigilance for we want no stitch-pulling to happen
(and bunnies and cones just don't mix from our experience)
  We're on top of his pain meds and antibiotic rounds.
Plus trying to be constant company for him so he knows he is not alone when he was feeling
so darn cruddy & obviously wondering what the hell just happened to him!
Though after the initial stiffness and soreness,
he seems more concerned about his shaved bald belly & not the cut!

On the SAME day of Jaks's surgery, Frenwyck completely stopped eating!
Closer inspection revealed front teeth that were way too long.
So we rushed him in to the doctors a couple hours after we brought Jaks home
(it was the first bunny vet appointment in 20 some years that I missed
because one of us had to stay home to watch a post-op Jaky).
We were hoping a quick teeth clipping would do the trick...
And yes, his front teeth were way to long but turns out he needed a whole dental procedure.
But they could only fit him in for the surgery the following Monday...
so it was a really long and stressed out weekend,
because, for us, any day where a bunny isn't eating feels sooo endless, scary & exhausting.
Poor guy had to be knocked out to have the front teeth taken care of but also his back molars
needed to be grinded down for they were also too long and were causing sores on his inner cheeks.
Poor babies.
He was suppose to go for a check-up and dental exam back in January...
I kept telling myself to book the appointment.  I guess I was preoccupied with Jaks's lump...
Which was odd for me because I usually pride myself on equally juggling 8 rabbits at the same time!
I know Lionheads are prone to dental troubles...ugh.
I should have know better & listened to my gut and booked him in way back in January.
Yep!  A whole lot of self-berating & beating up is now taking place!
(Emmett & Yuuji, being lionheads too, are promptly going in next week for their dental exams!)
On top of the teeth trouble Frenwyck was in full-blown g.i.stasis
(Which can quickly kill a bunny because it essentially means that their whole entire digestive system has come to a dead stop & sometimes you just can't get it going again)
He wouldn't eat or drink a thing for days so that involved force feeding of critical care every 4 hours,
pineapple juice feedings (the bromide in fresh pineapple can help to stimulate gut motility)
and medical promide injections behind the neck every 12 hours.
My arms, boobs and a chest are all bruised from his very strong little feet straining against me.
Now that he's had his teeth done, he's having a really hard time getting anything down.
But atleast now he's trying.  He's on pain-meds for the next few days (like Jaks)
apparently it will take a few days for the gum inflammation & soreness to go away.
It's hard seeing my baby want to eat but not being able to.
But atleast finally just today he started getting down mashed up soaked pellets.
He's still not eating enough though...but atleast Jaks is back to normal eating habits.
This has all been on top of sore bodies from sleeping on the floors with the little buddies
and on top of a 3 day super duper bad monster migraine.
Can I just say UGH...we're exhausted.
Am I allowed to admit that...somehow it feels like I am not!!!
I know it's because some 'real' parents have time and time again told me in their uppity way
"You don't know what stress is...if you had children you would know real stress...blah blah blah"!
But in my reality, my rabbits are my babies in every sense...and this has been real stress, period!


Snap said...

Hugs to you and the buns. Take care of you, too ... while you care for your beautiful fur babes.....

Karen M said...

Jensen, Buttercup, Knight, and I are all hoping for a nice long string of good luck for you now. And in some ways rabbits are harder than kids, because you just can't communicate everything that you would with a kid. ALL babies are hard, no matter the species.

Lisa B said...

Hugs to you and the Bunnies.
I hope everyone is doing better.