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Friday, April 3, 2015

Bump Bump Bump Under My Bum Bum Bum

So did I tell you the couch story yet?  I don't think I have.
So I am sitting there late one evening.  My honey and I were watching something on television.
I was contentedly relaxed, reached for my steaming hot coffee, took a deep inhale, a long sweet sip...
Ahhhh....indeed, home with my hon and buns, what a lovely relaxing evening we were having.
Bump Bump Bump under my Bum bum bum!
"What the hell" I suddenly said to Jonathan
"why am I feeling a knocking under my tush?"
Well okay, wait, you need some background on this...
Years ago we blocked off the underneath's of the couches, because little bunnies were just going
under there to pee and poo and it was a nightmare to clean so we were clever and blocked it all off, ALL except for 1 little pathway which craftily lead to a ramp which went up to the window.
They loved this...we all loved it.
They would go through their tunnel, scoot up the ramp and
lounge in the window for hours just looking & basking in sunlight and breezes
(we lounged about basking in delight to just gaze down at our happy adorable babies in the window)
Okay, so no problem...the tunnel and ramp were manageable to clean, the buns loved it and so it was.
Yet at some point unknown to us clever humans!
 and for whatever bunny reasoning Teela, Yuuji and Flynn
decided that the awesome tunnel & window ramp were suddenly not awesome enough...
apparently they wanted and needed MORE awesomeness.
they decided to dig and burrow their way INTO the couch!
Like a Shawshank scenario...when we weren't looking or listening!
That bump bump bump on my bum was a bunny INSIDE the couch!!!
Needless to say, our peaceful evening was shattered and the tricky business of getting said bunnies OUT from inside the couch was than pursued!!
Now it's all sadly been blocked off, until we get a clever new ideal on how to rectify the situation.
(I have the most awesome honey who ended up laughing it off and saying
'well it was getting time for new couches anyways').
So see....
whilst the buns are unquestionably insanely sweet & awesome...they are also destructive & naughty!
If your not prepared for some home turf damage...don't bring a house bunny into your life
(because it's cruel to keep them in cages all of the time if caging is a route you find you must take).
Bunnies dig and chew and rip things apart...it's just what they do.  It's just a rabbit being a rabbit.
Much of the time they are good as gold...
but my mantra of 'a bored bunny is a destructive bunny' holds true!
And this has been a truthful and unpaid message
brought to you by a responsible bunny mama/blogger
who knows she very well tempts many people into wanting bunnies.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

ROFLOL! Oooh, I love the naughty ones the best!