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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Still Frozen

We are so anxious to get into our kayaks...
so this weekend we went to check out how the ice is coming along on the lake nearest to us.
There is still quite a ways to go yet however.
We were joking that we might just be desperate enough to put our boats on the ice and
inch our way along with our ski poles perhaps, ha ha.
Or launch them in that tiny bit of open water to just float there for a couple hours, ha ha.
Ah but that second option with hot cocoa and a book would indeed be quite nice I think!

Because of a very scary and very close call on the ice from my childhood
I have a rather strong fear of being on any frozen lake.
When I hear the inevitable cracking sound my whole body freezes...
 but every year I venture out anyways to beat my fears slowly but surely.
Plus, there is something so centering about being on an ice shelf under a hot glaring sun...
Everything is quiet, except the gulls and the you can hear a constant 'drip, drip, drip'.
The ice is velvety smooth under the touch but still of course burning cold.
Ice crackles around you like pop-rock candy...

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