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Monday, May 18, 2015

Patience Poofing and Wrangler Wheels

Sometimes when I feel completely fed up with vacuuming bunny poo!
Sometimes when I feel like I can't take cleaning up another lake of pee!
Sometimes when I want to stomp & wail my fists in the air because I have yet another sore head!
When I want to curse the universe & crawl under the blankets at the same time!
When I cringe because I am spending more time online marketing my work than actually making it!!!
Sometimes...sometimes....oh sometimes...
my patience gets a tad short...I admit it!

SO than I gotta turn to my trusty method of therapy...Wrangler Therapy
I run away for a couple hours to harness my patience once again
(though usually about 10 minutes in, I miss my fur-babies and I am ready to come back home, ha ha)
It's a mixture of;
Sun shining
good music blasting...and I mean b-l-a-s-t-i-n-g so you can't think blasting!
honey beside me singing and whistling
with my camera in hands
as the road unknown flies by beneath our trusty Wrangler wheels.

What's your form of therapy???

1 comment:

Lisa B said...

beautiful pictures!
Lately my method of therapy has been wine and venting to my hubby. He always makes me feel better :)