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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Back Deck Project

Well one project we wanted to get done straight away was our back deck redo...
We've been wanting to refresh and improve this much used space for some time now.

I am always SOOOOO glad and grateful
that I have not only a handsome bearded honey but one who is also very handy & hardworking.

After a long harsh winter we had to take the old gazebo down because it had seen it's best days...
our winters are so hard on any and all of our outdoor areas and stuff.

We put up a structure for a clear roof all by our handy little selves, ha ha...
Painted it...sanded and re-painted the floor and VOILA.....

Well, okay!  It wasn't just 'Voila', ha ha, it was a lot of work but it was so worth it.
We made sure to get this all done in early Spring so that we could enjoy it for a nice long season.

I just love sitting on the pillows on the floor at the long bench Japanese style with some food.
Or stretching out on it to watch the rain.

I love all of the flowers.
Oh flowers galore.

I love sweeping it and keeping it all clean
because it feels like the loveliest spot and keeping it up is me respecting & appreciating it.

I love putting on the pretty white flickering lanterns at night.
I love just watching the buns play about.

I love sitting here in the mornings with my espresso and a book.
I love how the chickadees bathe and drink from the fountain even with me sitting right there.

I love it all by myself or with the bun babies.
But I especially love it when I have lovely company to share it with.

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