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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Pagoda Project

I wanted to share this big project with you guys last season but I forgot to take good shots!
So here we are, this was our first big Spring project last year...our new 'Pagoda'
It was a huge job of tearing down our old gazebo which we had made also years ago.
We had to remove the old patio bricks, pull out dead trees, redo the walkway, etc...

Once my honey sets his mind to something he's like a workhorse, ha ha, so we got it up pretty fast!

We wanted to make sure that it was done quickly so the rabbits could safely use their yard again...
But also of course so that we could make sure to really enjoy it all season long too.
And enjoy it and adore it, we do...ahhhh.

It's one of my favorite places.  especially cause we made it together, just us twosome.

We created our own little Shangri-la, I think...and I am pretty sure the buns love it too.


Snap said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Do you guys rent out????!!!!!!


Mandy Saile said...

Ha ha….it’s a rather very exclusive club consisting of two humans and 8 rabbits unfortunately but guest passes are sent out now and then to very special people (you’d be one of them;D) XXOO

Natascha said...

I love your color scheme and the lovely space. I think we have similar taste! 😉

deb said...

definitely a labour of love that turned out amazing!
everything about your garden space says happiness ♥ love it!!