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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Close To New Beginnings

Can you believe it's August already.  In a way, I can't but in a way I can.
It's getting close to the most natural season for changes and that's always lovely if you let it be so.
August will be my last month blogging here in this space...
For September will see the completion & launch of my brand new beautiful website and I can't wait...
I am bubbling up with excitement and I am also beyond ready for this huge undertaking to be done.
My beloved blog will be moving to my new site....
I sure do hope you'll follow me over.  I'll let you know when it's time.
My newsletter will be changed over to an awesome & much better MailChimp format.
My shop may very well be moved from Etsy to my own little online universe as well
but we'll launch come September's beginning even if the custom shop isn't ready.
It's funny before I was nervous about it all...now after over a year of working on it all I am SO ready.


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Will you post the new address?