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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Frenwyck Has A Bad Day

Oh my we've had a bit of a rough go with our amazing Frenwyck.
Firstly Yuuji still won't 100% bond with him and Frenwyck so desperately wants a friend.
They get along 99% of the time but than Yuuji after kissing him for half an hour will snap at Fren out of the blue.
Bonding with Korra-Soleil isn't looking good at the moment...
Frenwyck wants Teela & Yuuji and Korra definitely seems way more interested in Emmett than in Frenwyck!
But the biggest trouble was found last week...
When we found a few small bumps on the left side of his tummy
than we found a really large lump on his right side...oh my, panic set in instantly...
A doctor appointment was made immediately...
which lead to a surgery being scheduled right away because whiles the ones on the left feel like just fatty deposits,
the big lump on the right side was too big and unknown and a worry to the doctor and therefore to us as well.
So this past Tuesday he went in for surgery.

There he was knocked out, shaved belly, ready for the operation to remove this scarey lump
but the doctor couldn't find it!  We were just minutes away anxiously waiting for word...
when the phone rang way before we expected we both all but jumped outta our skins!
Jonathan was the one able to find the bump really easily
so they requested that he zoom over as quickly as possible...but again, the lump couldn't be found!
So they let Jonathan stay in the operating room, he sat there with the amazing vet techs,
who were holding & rocking our Frenwyck in a blanket to keep him warm until our boy came to.
Apparently they do this for all the bunnies because they need to be kept extra warm.
This extra little glimpse into the inner workings of our animal clinic was hugely warming & appreciative.
(We'd seriously be lost without the talented doctors & wonderful team at the Airport Animal Clinic).
Once home, he was still really out of it so I just cuddled up on the couch with my boy for about 2 hours.
Poor honey...we are not to worry about it for a few months, when we'll reinvestigate...
but the stress of the whole ordeal bumped him into stasis...UGH! He's starting to look abit better today.
So, do please send a sweet and awesome house rabbit some extra lovely good mojo wishes!


Snap said...

Poor Frenwyck. He is so lucky to have parents like you two. Wishing him well.

Mandy Saile said...

Thank you XO We are the lucky ones though.