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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grabbing Onto Gratitude

Whiles at a party over this past weekend the subject of fulfillment seemed to spring up often.
People commented on how 'content & comfortable' I look lately and I loved that observation
because I have been feeling like I've settled into loveliness even that much more recently...
I have physically & emotionally wiggled my little tush down into comfort even more so.
I am indeed breathing in deeply. 
I have been feeling very satisfactory loveliness with no strings attached.
I don't think it's because anything at all has changed except perhaps for my perspective.

I think it's also about grabbing onto gratitude a lot more assuredly these days.
Not everything is perfect...but now it's not so much about the imperfections anymore.
It's become all about what is working...
it's become about more quickly and more fully embracing what is simple and warm and wonderful
(like lunch with a handsome boy and with veggies you've grown yourself as buns zoom around you!)
I have only ever wanted days full of time with my honey,
long days of making art in cozy studios, ample time for favorite things like
cooking beautiful food...loads of reading time with good cups of coffee, taking care of animals, etc...
We've worked hard...we've made hard decisions...but we've gotten there finally...
Life has become about; love, art, bunnies, embracing happiness and a million other good things.
There's so so much good stuff going on...
and yeah, there's bad stuff happening most of the time too, for sure...that's life.
BUT the good stuff really has been out weighing all of the bad.
I've been kind of feeling a shift...a positive new change in how I see things.
And well I am just feeling so so very very insanely super grateful.
I hope you are feeling it all too XO.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So happy for you sweets. You deserve all the happy energy, love and good things surrounding you and your family.


Mandy Saile said...

Love to you lovely lady XXOO