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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Baking With My Babe & Bunny

Baking with my hon & with our kitchen assistant Flynn is always fun & is one of my favorite things.
We made chocolate covered coffee beans & have to chuckle at how much it resembles bunny poop!

Flynn tries to use his Jedi mind tricks to convince us to spill lots of sugar & yummies on that floor!

We made Rumkugeln...which are rum balls...light on the rum, heavy on the cocoa.

And good old simple sugar cookies...they didn't turn out to be so pretty, ha ha but they sure are tasty.

Hope your having a good and un-stressful time in your kitchens this week.  XO.


Bridget said...

yum! Care to share your rum bag recipe? ;)

Mandy Saile said...

Hi Bridget, it was just a general rum ball recipe we found off the net, an almond one, not a sponge cake one...with a lot of tasting and tweaking. But if we settle on the perfect one next year, I'll indeed share it:D XO Mandy