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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Missing You

I've been missing my best friend...
I know life goes on and all that jazz...
but a large part of mine hasn't, not yet anyhow...

I miss my bed snuggle time with her & our sharing snack time before bed...I miss her sweet face...
I miss her joyful energetic bouncy clumsy energy filling the house.

Every time I see her little box of ashes on the mantel
I want to scream and shout and stomp because it still feels unreal and unfair.

Everytime I look at Yuuji, I feel sad because I know he's lonely with missing her too
and he just isn't his usual self without his girl, whom he loved so so much.

 But I find a little solace in honoring her beautiful spirit through my art
and I am so glad that the very first image of my Artful Blogging feature
was indeed an ink portrait that I did of Teela.
It feels strange that the issue came out just a week before she left us.

I know time heals...But this one might take my whole lifetime.
If your up there bouncing about the stars...we're doing okay without you but we'd be better with you.
And we're missing you every single minute of every single day baby girl.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Precious little sweetheart. My heart aches for your loss..... my dad lost his favorite fur-baby (Maddy) two years ago tomorrow and I lost my first baby (Molly) 4 years ago on 4/1. Losing them is awful, but never having had them in my life would have been worse. I love every minute of silliness and joy they gave me. I know you gave your babies an amazing bunny life... better than any wild life, better than any other home life. Hugs.