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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring At The Falls

This is a place that my honey & I love, especially since it's where we had our very first date
over 23 years ago, but I haven't been to it since last Spring,
not since before I badly dislocated my knee.
It was a bit of a workout still for my injured knee but the trees, rushing water, melting snow
were so good for the soul, I was able to push myself past the physical pain
and enjoy the day with my guy & my niece.

Though I am usually quite selfish with sharing my beloved Sony Alpha, ha ha...
seeing what fun my niece is having with it, especially on macro,
I find myself offering it to her on our outings because who knows, maybe she's a budding photographer and well it's pretty fun to see her face and excitement when we go through
the photos later in the day and she realizes that she got some great shots.
I am honestly pretty chuffed with the photos my Samsung Note 2 takes, such as all of these.

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