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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Elegant Elsie

We've got some things going on with Elsie and we're nervous and scared.
She's older, about 7 years old, she's a big girl and apparently 7 is old for a big bun
but I can't accept that her time has come already and I can't imagine Henrie without her...
A couple weeks ago, she hurt her front left paw, so we kept an eye on it but it healed
but about a week after she started to hold in and wobble on her back right.
I worried right away that it was her heart because her breathing suddenly became more rapid
but the doctor squeezed us in last week and checked her heart and it seems good, strong & healthy.
The vet thinks that it's arthritis kicking in but it still can for sure just be an injury...
obviously we're hoping for an injury because that will eventually heal
but there is still the small possibility of bone cancer as well, so I am pretty much terrified.

So wish us luck and send us good positive mojo because tomorrow
Elsie goes back to the vets for scans and blood work.
I find putting them under anesthesia very scary, even if it's done quickly...
I am worried that the stress of the tests and even just going into the vehicle will stress her
and send her into full blown stasis but it feels like but we have no choice
because she is eating abnormally now, half of what she normal eats and she's being fussy
which to me usually tells of wanting to eat but discomfort stopping them.
We need to see what is going on internally and we need the blood tests to make sure her kidneys
are strong enough to handle long-term pain meds in case it is indeed arthritis (or worse).
Drawing blood from a rabbit isn't always easy and they usually have to put them under just a bit
to get blood because they usually have to pull it from the jugular
because rabbits veins are so small and delicate.
(I am scared that she'll get a hematoma from the blood draw just like my poor Teela did).
   I am scared of calcium problems....of bone cancer...that she won't wake up...
Ugh Ugh Ugh...this is the scary, stressful, awful part of loving!


Natascha said...

I hope she can be helped. Will Henry go for moral support??? Wishing you the best.

Simone said...

Try not to worry. You do the very best you can do for your rabbits. You can do no more. x