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Monday, June 5, 2017

My Niece & The Power Of The Right Hair!

I figure that it's one of my jobs as this beautiful girls Auntie, not only to protect her sweet heart
but to help her find who she is as a person and to help her spirited character come out with strength.
One of the physical ways I've helped her do so is to take her for a hair cut that she so desperately wanted and I am astounded honestly by the change in her attitude & how she holds her head higher.

It's been amazing to me to see how much poise she has gained with one simple hair cut.
If it seems like I am a doting Auntie, that's cause I am!  She's been living with us 3 months today!!
and I just know she'll get a kick out of seeing herself on my blog today, ha ha.
(Little Bird, we're going through the roughest time right now but I am so glad to be your Aunt XO)

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