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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adventures In Kayaking With A Big Red Dog

A few days ago we ventured out during the week long heat-wave for a paddle...
I needed to clear my head from a busy and confusing week in the studios.
I wanted to sink my eyes into deep greens & reflective blues & take a breather from all my color.
This day we chose to venture down the Mattawa River.
It was so hot that I think even the fish were laying still and quiet,
all you could hear was the buzz of the crickets...
That is however until we heard the frantic barking of a dog
far off on the other shore in the middle of nowhere!
When we started to head towards him to see what was going on,
he got extra worked up and than jumped into the water and started to swim to our boats,
still barking like crazy, sputtering water, it was obvious he was looking for help.

He tried to jump into my boat, the poor thing, he was so tired from swimming,
I tried to haul him up but he was just too big and heavy but I didn't like how he was sputtering water
so whiles my honey flagged down a house boat for possible assistance,
I decided it best to steer him to the other shore which he was clearly intent on getting to,
I patted his back now and than and kept my boat pressed gently against his side,
and like that we eventually reached the other shore
where he shook himself off and peeled off into the bush at sonic speed.
It seemed like he knew where he was going after that because he stopped barking so we are
hoping he found his way home, atleast we steered him to the side of the river that was inhabited!
Kayaking is never dull that's for sure, ha ha!

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