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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Loved Garden & Life Cycle

I love how our little garden grows bigger and greener and prettier every year,
we've put in so much love and effort into this little house of ours...it sooo feels like ours, like us.
I don't know if we'll live here forever, maybe not, but I believe in blooming where your planted,
in rooting just right where you currently are.  Everyday I am grateful for my little home.

Every single bun-babe we've ever had has lived here with us, that is so special to me
and I love seeing everything spring to life and unfold with beauty every season
and than it all like slow-motion magic gets ready slumber for a spell,
usually just about when we're tuckered out from a season of hard work,
when we're ready to hibernate, it tucks in for a rest too.