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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Taking Care of Studio Stresses

Dealing with printers in my studio is always stressful for me,
because they and I typically don't get along, but another part of the studio days
that I find kinda hairy is the part of cutting images to size for their cradled canvases,
laying them down hoping they stay flat & not bubble up
& sealing them hoping I don't get any (or too much!) rabbit fur mixed in!
I wait until I can tackle several pieces at a time....it usually goes just fine.

These are a couple pieces on my desk this week that I am getting finished up.
After I mount them, I let them sit for a couple days before
I apply several coats of a non-yellowing UV protective polyurethane,
than they dry again for a couple weeks before I apply hangers etc
and after that I am ready to photograph them and than start listing
them and offering them to the world (that's a fun part).

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