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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jelly Bean Jaks

Jaks is at least 10 years old, perhaps older, he's been on two heart meds for congestive heart failure for over TWO years now, when we started him on the meds we thought we'd just have 2 weeks more!
Every morning that I go into his room to wake him up and pick him up for his AM meds, I prepare
myself that maybe during the night he's passed away...
but every morning he cute little face greets me, I am happy and I feel very grateful...

I am honestly so shocked that he was with us another summer
and that he's now entering another Winter,
he's so impressively tenacious in spirit and body and I love that so much,
I think I respond to that tenacity with extra gratitude because I must possess it in spades myself.
This week I am going to sparkle up his room with some Christmas-tide,
the little guy deserves extra twinkle lights this year I think, ha ha!

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