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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Share Sunday

I have a folder on my computer where I put links that I think people should see
and that folder is getting uncontrollably big, so I thought
Hey, why not do a dedicated post, maybe a weekly one, where I share these links with you guys...
It'll vary from week to week no doubt, as I am intrigued, inspired & interested
in a multitude of things, you of course, can pick and choose to follow each link or just one or none!
Goodness knows there are enough horrible things grabbing our attention in the news everyday...
let's use this like my artwork & life with bunnies, as a good, much needed dose of whimsy and happy
(If any of these links inspire you or you want to share your thoughts do let me know XO.)

Without further ado, let's do it...our very first
"Share Sunday"...

(I am a huge fan of Kris Carr and this article of hers is insightful and gentle and I think it hit home
with me particularly because of all the losses I've gone through in my own life, especially lately,
and because of losses I see my family and friends go through too...and because there is such a
stigma to grieving and there shouldn't be.  We should all be allowed to grieve in our own unique ways because goodness knows we all have different stories and sharing our tenderness & vulnerabilities should be a beautiful connective thing, not something shied away from.

I am not on Facebook (I hate Facebook) , this video is on there but you should be able to view it
even if your like me and not a FaceBooker.  It's these crazy amazing, so beautiful but almost creepy
man-made animal/insect like creations by artist Theo Jansen
that scuttle across the beaches all by the power of wind.
Check them out, they are so amazing.

I don't know how or why someone made these but I am glad they did.
Can you imagine, just walking in the city (p.s. I dream of visiting San Francisco some day)
and falling into a field of these guys at night...what a dream that would be.
This kind of thing makes me happy because it reminds people of the importance of whimsy
and how it can inspire and simply make whimsy loving hearts happy.


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