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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Share Sunday

It's that time, I hope your had lots of beauty in your week....
In case you need a dose of good... it's time to share some sweetness...
time for Share Sunday...

This news story is from last year but it still makes my heart happy.
It's a short tale about a orphaned baby bunny and a pigeon that bond and help each other grow & heal.
Check it out, I bet it'll make you smile.

It really irritates me when people assume us vegans and vegetarians are starved or unhealthy.
Here is a great article about all the delicious beautiful foods that are actually
higher in Iron than any meat sources...it's especially good reference for my fellow veg-head XO.

If your like me and are super sensitive and are a heart-on-your-sleever, this is for you.
I myself practice all of these self-kindness tips & they all in their own way help my sensitive heart.
If you have any tips, leave a comment and tell us.

Enjoy and a Happy Happy Weekend is being wished your way XOXO

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