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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Bunnies Have An Auntie

Life with bunnies kinda makes us a little more unique,
our choices aren't widely understood (or sadly, accepted),
it's usually a "Rabbits over children Whhhatttt are you doing??
or a "You can't do that, how disappointed your parents must be, you will regret it..." blah blah blah!
BUT the bunnies & us do have one person on our side, their Auntie Maria, she's so special to us...

It means so much to have someone ask after our babies, someone who is truly interested in hearing all about them and who actually bothers to remember all their names, not just 'oh that small white one"!
Someone who acknowledges them with hugs, snuggles, Hellos & Goodbyes,
someone who stretches out to spend time with them on the floor, who gives them interest & time.
We are sad that we live far apart but we are so grateful for beloved visits, like this past summer.

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