Thursday, February 15, 2018

Changes & Colouring

I am sooooo loving this newest picture I am working on.
I think this is my favorite new rabbit ever
and with him comes new plans for my art & business...
It's feeling like time to switch things up, so some things are brewing over here behind the scenes.
I do move very slowly because of my head-pain & busy life with the buns,
so you won't notice right away
But I can't wait to see what this single little green rabbit has instigated come to life.

I've made some changes on my social media as well as you may have noticed...
Firstly, the name of my blog has changed...
Bijou's Whimsy was my old business identity, that I've been moving away from for awhile now.
So everything is now under my name, Mandy Saile, clean, simple & concise & that's feeling good.
(don't forget to update your blog links)

I've changed my Instagram streams too, boy oh boy it was a big decision but I am loving it now.
& I've teamed with my hon to create a beautiful new bunnies only stream @LeporidaeLovely.
(plus you can find my guys personal stream @DeyfennSlayd too if your interested)

I hope you'll join me in all these places & thanks so kindly for your interest, time & support if you do.

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